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State Dept. Disabled Security Features to Receive Clinton Emails

State Dept. Disabled Security Features to Receive Clinton Emails

Who cares about security?

Emails received by Judicial Watch on Wednesday show that problems with Hillary Clinton’s email server caused the State Department to disable security features.

Kenneth LaVolpe, a senior technical official, told his IT employees in a December 2010 email that the security issues “should trump all other activities.”

But emails dated 2011 and 2012 show that problems continued.

One employee told the team to disable the anti-spam feature, which would make the servers vulnerable to viruses and phishing emails. State Department official Thomas Lawrence admitted the department viewed the solution “as a Band-Aid” and they feared the solution “is not 100% fully effective.”

As John Sexton at Hot Air pointed out, the State Department’s system blocked Clinton’s emails because it viewed her “private server as a security threat.”

A few weeks later, an IT employee shut down her server since he thought “someone was trying to hack us.” The hackers did not succeed, but the professional wanted to take precautions. At the time, Clinton could not receive emails on her BlackBerry since she connected the device to her private server.

Clinton’s employees encouraged her to use her State Department email to keep her communications as protected as possible. But the Director of S/ES-IRM, the portion of the department that coordinates work between bureaus, reminded Clinton’s team that if she uses the department email “that any email would go through the Department’s infrastructure and subject to FOIA searches.”

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton lashed out at Clinton after he reviewed the emails:

“The new Hillary Clinton email records show she had zero interest in disclosing her emails to the public as the law requires,” stated Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton. “And the emails show the Obama State Department gave special accommodations to Clinton’s email system, which the agency knew was unsecure, was likely hacked, and was not transparent under FOIA.”

Clinton has insisted over and over she did not do anything wrong by using her personal email address when she served as secretary of state. Former State Department watchdog Howard Krongard shot down her claims that her predecessors also used their own emails along with an inspector general report.

The IG report, issued on May 25, found that Rice never once used a personal email address to conduct state business. Colin Powell used his personal email address “on a limited basis to connect with people outside the department.” He also informed and “worked with the State Department to secure the system.”

Clinton never asked for approval from senior State Department officials. The IG showed confidence that no one would have given approval.


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ServPro will be logging lots of overtime cleaning up Hillary’s hot mess. Fortunately they have plenty of experience eradicating Bill’s slime trail.

Voice_of_Reason | June 23, 2016 at 6:37 pm

“Silly peons, rules are for little people” – HRC

almost as scary is servers using exchange 2003.
exchange version 6.5 (in the headings) is exchange server 2003 MS support for that ended in April 2014

    granted these emails were in 2010 but even in 2010 running 2003 was frowned on

      fwiffo in reply to dmacleo. | June 23, 2016 at 9:33 pm

      A lot of software in government is technically obsolete. I work with several packages that are from 199x, several from companies no longer in business. This is no big deal.

      The overall impact of this is pretty scary. Having private email server is bad enough. Having your organization disable security to accommodate you is much worse. And working for organization which deals with classified info every day, thus subject to frequent attacks, that is much much much much worse.

Hillary is nothing more than a huge security threat to this nation, we thought terrorist were bad, just wait if she gets office. May-be the Russians can come out and say they have a copy of all her emails, prove it and help bring her to justice.

Amazing what the Chicoms and Russians must have gotten from that idiot Clinton because of her negligence. On the other hand, they may have simply bought secrets from her outright.

Who is to say she didn’t use a private server at the behest of foreign governments who have bought her several times over.

Hillary Clinton was designated, by job title, an original classification authority (OCA).

Which means it is her job to look at a source document and determine how it should be marked.

So it is absolute BS for here to get away with the “it wasn’t marked classified” crap. If her department originated it, it was here responsibility to know if it should have been marked classified.

Yes, she would have delegated the task. But it is a six step process that other secretaries of departments such as DoD and DoS have been able to grasp. So she can go that route if she wants to, and claim she was the stupidest Secretary of State in our history. I’m fine with that, and I think it’s probably true, having never bought into the “smartest woman in the world” crap.

But we have 20 somethings successfully navigating the world of safeguarding classified information. I somehow get the idea that Hillary Clinton has too high of an opinion of herself and her Ivy League education to admit somebody with a GED has a better handle of the intricacies than she does.

The first step an OCA goes through is to look at the information and determine if her department originated it, and has another OCA already classified it.

There is a procedure in place if a consumer of intel disputes how another OCA has overclassified or misclassified something.

So her attempted defense that she thinks overclassification is an issue is also complete BS.

Then there is the fact of what she would have been reading, had she been doing her job. She would have been reading about the vulnerabilities of her counterparts; who her counterparts were, what they were doing wrong, and how we taking advantage of it to find out what they were thinking.

Thanks to Snowden, this isn’t a secret.

I could go on, but do I have to?

The bottom line is that this cascade of lie upon lie should be insulting to all of us. Not just those of us who had security clearances. It’s not even a close question; she is guilty of multiple felonies. And she most likely will not pay for a one.

So why does anyone still watch the news, or buy newspapers? Because there are two possibilities and I’m leaning toward the Dan Rhodes end of the spectrum and I never thought I would say that. They’re not in on it. These people really are that stupid.

“the State Department’s system blocked Clinton’s emails because it viewed her “private server as a security threat.”

…until it didn’t and sabotaged the security of the country i.e., hundreds of millions of Americans) for the sake of a Ruling Class member.

Time for another sit-in by Dems – for Clinton control.

So, security measures for the entire State Department were disabled?
Was the State Department compromised as a whole?
Would or could this action possibly lay bare the entire State Department system, and if so, how is it connected in the overall Government system?
How far in might one possibly delve?
Um, this is completely crazy.