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Someone finally asked Hillary Clinton to Get Real About Her Email Server

Someone finally asked Hillary Clinton to Get Real About Her Email Server

“…do you get how bad it looks?”

Since news first broke about Hillary Clinton’s “home-brew” email server, conservatives and transparency advocates have run a full-court press against Clinton’s efforts to keep prying hands off of her official and personal communications. What should have been a simple (if massive) request for transparency has ballooned into a legal and political nightmare, leaving investigators open to a barrage of accusations claiming that, when it comes to Clinton, former Secretaries of State should remain virtually untouchable.

The idea is nonsense, not only because it ignores the law, but because it ignores the question anyone with a brain and common sense has been asking since day one, but no one with a big enough megaphone has asked.

Finally, someone asked it.

During a town hall-style interview for the Today Show, Savannah Guthrie went there, asking Clinton, “do you know how bad it looks?”


SAVANNAH GUTHRIE: I guess my question to you is, which is it? If you’re blaming the Republicans, some might wonder how genuine is that apology?

HILLARY CLINTON: Well, actually it’s both, I mean, I’m sorry that I made a choice that has resulted in this kind of situation, and I’ve said I’ve made a mistake. Obviously if I had to do it over again, I wouldn’t. It was allowed and everybody has confirmed that. But it’s also, as we now know very clearly, the way that the Republicans are trying to bring my– as they admit– poll numbers down.”

So it’s really both, Savannah, it’s both, ‘Hey, you know what, turn the clock back, it was allowed.’ I was thinking about many other things [than] my email account when I became Secretary of State.

GUTHRIE: It’s allowed, but you know, anybody who works in government knows it’s really not encouraged to use your personal email. And I just — do you get how bad it looks?

It looks like you set up a personal server, you set up your own email so that you would have control of those emails and you and you alone would decide when to release, whether to release them. And that’s in fact what happened.

CLINTON: Well, Savannah, first of all, it was allowed, And I’ve said it wasn’t the best choice. And every government official gets to decide what is personal and work-related.

She doesn’t answer the question, because any politician worth their donor dollars knows that a full “mea culpa” after months of claiming otherwise is chum in the water for their opponents and unfriendly media. If she were truly honest, and truly “sorry” for the time and expense now dedicated towards investigating her system of records, she would at least attempt to explain herself using an excuse other than, “it was allowed!”

Guthrie also pressed Clinton on an apparent double standard—if it were Cheney, would you expect us to be so understanding about this? House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s Benghazi megagaffe on the House Benghazi committee reared its head, affording Clinton the opportunity to pivot away from uncomfortable honestly and toward her usual GOP-blaming and -bashing:

“The real issue here is what happened to four brave Americans,” the White House hopeful said from New Hampshire, just minutes before joining TODAY’s Pancakes & Politics town hall.

A visibly agitated Clinton discussed an upcoming congressional hearing on Benghazi, which House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has suggested was created with political motivations. When asked if she would have gone after Republicans such as former Vice President Dick Cheney if tables were turned, Clinton insisted: “I would never have done that.”

“This committee was set up, as they have admitted, for the purpose of making a partisan political issue out of the deaths of four Americans,” she said. “I would never have done that, and if I were president and there were Republicans or Democrats thinking about that, I would have done everything to shut it down.”

She pointed out that seven investigations, led mostly by Congressional Republicans, have looked into the issue and cleared her of any wrongdoing.

Of course, McCarthy suggested no such thing, but alas—such is the nature of the gaffe.

Hillary Clinton spent this entire interview looking for an outlet to blame Republicans for problems she was directly responsible for during her time as Secretary of State. Even assuming, for the sake of argument, that there was no wrongdoing on her part with regards to what happened in Benghazi—why blame Republicans? If we make the same assumption about about her email server—why blame Republicans?

You’d think such a strong, confident, glass ceiling-shatterer would have better ammunition backing up her arguments.

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OF COURSE she knows how bad it looks. How bad does it look when the First Lady covers up illegal activity by hiding records in The White House? How bad does it look when the President diddles interns in The Oval Office? How bad does it look when The President perjures himself? How bad does it look when the Governor/President is a serial rapist and his wife destroys the victims and their families to cover it up? The Clintons don’t give a shit how bad it looks, as long as they enrich themselves and maintain their political power. Those are the things that matter to Hillary. Normal persons with a conscience would be wracked with such guilt and shame that they would shrink from the public eye. But not this witch. This is the person the Democrats want to lead our country.

She looked like she wanted to KILL Guthrie when Guthrie said “Do you know how bad it looks?”

This pathetic lying old hag now claims her concern for the dead Americans is her priority?

Her feigned outrage is revolting.

And she now claims, once again, that SHE was the official deciding what was personal v. what was work-related . . . after blaming her staff and counsel last week?

Are the people in the room drugged?

Hard to contemplate any sane American sitting so still while listening to her spout this outrageous BS.

“…I was so upset about the Americans killed in Benghazi that I immediately quit sending or receiving any official email for several weeks before and after the event…” (paraphrased)

“You’d think such a strong, confident, glass ceiling-shatterer would have better ammunition backing up her arguments.”

Yup! Sarcasm noted.

Hillary is delivering what she can. She is corrupt, incompetent, and not very bright. Hillary is what Hillary does (apologies to Forrest).

How could anybody with a mind vote for this corrupt, lying, thieving, Hag ? She has committed so many crimes against this country. She should not be allowed to run for pres. Now, she is already telling us that she is going to” RULE US,” with her E.O.’s, when she is elected. Back in ’08, the World Bankers, promised her the next Presidency. She has campaigned like it was assured for her.

Hillary’s not popular enough to win anything. Drudge runs her face, today, along with his headline that she’s angry.

Yes, she’s angry! She’s like a stalker. She’s there when you turn around because you hear her footsteps pounding out loud.

That’s not how you win anything. Perhaps, the democrats have figured out Biden doesn’t stand a chance, either?

Henry Hawkins | October 5, 2015 at 1:09 pm

Early on Clinton went with a certain response believing she’d be able to keep the worst emails hidden. That didn’t work and she’s stuck with her original claim. She screwed up the protocols on private emails and servers, got caught, then screwed up the cover up. She’s throwing out nonsense like a fighter jet being pursued throws out chaff to confuse incoming missiles.

We’re watching what may be the final political career days of Hillary Rodham Clinton and I’m enjoying the crap out of it.

Plenty of hypocrisy to go around: Using Obama’s play book Hillary is now politicizing the Roseburg Oregon UCC shooting by a troubled loner to demand stronger gun laws that would include more invasive background checks.

But, for some “unknown” reason, Hillary, a lone wolf herself, does not want her background invasively checked!

What if the major mainstream has another motive?

How does obama make a decent exit (when the time comes), if the press keeps handing this woman front page space? (Even when Michelle O wears a nice dress, she isn’t give front page space.)

The media’s motive is far different than anyone else’s.

Well, you gotta hand her the prize for lying with a straight face. Even Dollar Bill would smirk a little pretty often.

The Hillary campaign has tried to spin this 10 different ways!
They throw something against the wall to see if it might stick? How is that working for them? Not very well.

Poll by Quinnipiac-
What is the “first word” that comes to mind when they hear Hillary’s name?
“liar,” “dishonest” and “untrustworthy”.

We have a president who is a serial liar! Can the country take 4 more years of another serial liar?
Can we?

She is just mad because a little girl dropped a house on her sister and then stole her shoes !

Henry Hawkins | October 5, 2015 at 4:37 pm

The question is not, “do you get how bad it looks?” The question is, “do you get you’ve broken several federal laws?”

Please press her on the point was it really ok to set up your own email SERVER that was not secure and on which she conducted business some of which was secret? Who was stupid enough to approve this? No wonder the State Dept. is stonewalling the investigation.

It was “allowed”? Um, no. Perhaps an inadvertent email or three using Yahoo or Gmail or Comcast. Setting up your own email server? I have never heard of anyone in government or out of government setting up their own email server to conduct official business. Maybe at some geeky startup. Maybe some real estate agency. But not in government or in the private sector. It’s a PITA to manage and secure, so no one in their right mind would do it.

What bugs me is that no one is throwing the Federal Records Act at her. That law has been on the books for decades and the definition of a record has always included the language “regardless of physical form or characteristics”. You’re not allowed to take paper records home and store them in your garage. You’re not allowed to take any record out of the control of the agency, no matter who you are. That’s far from “allowed”. It’s asinine to suggest that any bending of the rules included allowing someone to set up their own email server, off premise. The state Department must have the dumbest information security people on the planet or they were ordered to stand down. Perhaps someone ought to be looking at that.

Still no indictment, though.

And that means that, so far …

… she’s winning.

    ConradCA in reply to tom swift. | October 6, 2015 at 1:47 pm

    Hopefully she will lose the presidential election and then President Cruz can send her to prison for 4,000 years. She can run again after she serves her sentence.

The question is not how bad it looks but how Hillary will look in prison. She and her staff committed hundreds of felonies and the proof for this is in her unauthorized, unsecured server with at least 400 emails containing classified information. What looks bad is that she still has the support of millions of progressive fascists.

If anyone has questions about how secure her server was you should read the following article:

What I wonder is if Al Qaeda obtained Ambassador Stevens’ schedule from Hillary’s server and that’s how they were able to schedule his murder on 9/11.