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Prof. Jacobson – Tel Aviv, June 9 – ‘Israel on US campuses: What’s really going on?’

Prof. Jacobson – Tel Aviv, June 9 – ‘Israel on US campuses: What’s really going on?’

Next week in Jerusalem, and beyond.

I’m leaving for Israel for almost two weeks.

On June 9, I’ll be speaking to the Israel Cornell Club. Hopefully I also can see some Legal Insurrection readers there — it’s open. BUT, you need to register (HERE) since seating is limited.

It’s being held in the David Ben-Gurion House in Tel Aviv, which is the house once occupied by …. (please, don’t make me tell you).

As with my travels in 2013 and 2015, I’ll post when I can on interesting places and people I meet.

As before, I expect to report on the human side — the victims of the Arab terror campaigns past and present.

This time, though, I’ll also have to do some more touristy things than I normally do because I’m traveling with one of my daughters — so I guess I’ll have to float in the Dead Sea again.

For those of you who want to follow along, the rough itinerary is:

June 4-7 – Jerusalem and environs.
June 8 – Dead Sea, Masada, Jericho
June 9 – Samaria, then Tel Aviv for event
June 10-11 – Tel Aviv
June 12-14 – Northern Israel, Golan Heights, Lebanese border communities.
June 15 – Return

Each day there also will be a Video of the Day in the sidebar relevant to some aspect of my trip.

Please kids, behave while I’m away.


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Good job professor & Godspeed.
Enjoy your time with your daughter & as always,
listen to the woman.

Have a wonderful trip!

Bon voyage!

If you can explain American campus attitudes towards Israel (and Jews generally), you’ll have performed a mitzvah.

My own theory is that as the neo-Marxist leftist radicals of the ’60s have conquered our liberal arts institutions, they have brought along the political tactics of propaganda and victimology. If people can be convinced they are victims and their lives and futures hang in the balance, they are easily turned against perceived “victimizers,” and serve the political goals of the Movement/State unintentionally.

Have a good trip and, for heavens sake, do not honk your horn anywhere near the walls of Jericho.