Go ahead, Hillary: make our day . . . In the wake of Elizabeth Warren’s joint appearance with Clinton in Ohio yesterday, today’s Morning Joe panel went gaga pver Warren, promoting her for Hillary’s VP pick.

Joe Scarborough proclaimed that Warren “is Led Zeppelin” for the way she fills a stage. Mika Brzezinksi, long a big Warren booster, suggested that because Hillary wants to win, she will put Warren on the ticket. Scarborough went so far as to declare that any Hillary VP pick other than Warren would “look like a dud.”

Morning Joe Wants Elizabeth Warren as Hillary’s VP Pick from Mark Finkelstein on Vimeo.

Conventional wisdom says there aren’t enough angry white men to elect Donald Trump. Would there be enough voters to elect an all-liberal woman, all-angry Hillary/Warren ticket? We say, let’s find out: go for it, Hillary!

JOE SCARBOROUGH: I’m talking, though, not about her quality, I’m talking about filling the stage, performance. Why is she Led Zeppelin? There’s Led Zepellin. You get them on a stage, they fill the stage. What is it about Elizabeth Warren, and I was asking this yesterday, why does she fill the stage like Zeppelin?

MARK HALPERIN: Just like Palin, she’s an unapologetic populist, who’s unafraid of the establishment.

JOE: Unafraid.

HALPERIN: And there’s no doubt, this is a comparison to Palin that I think is constructive. There’s no doubt being a woman and willing to stand up to the establishment, which is mostly men, is electrifying, it just is.

JON MEACHAM: It’s conviction versus calculation.

MIKA: Like Bernie Sanders!

MEACHAM: Yeah. She has these convictions. She doesn’t have to worry about how it plays in a purple state. She can help Senator Clinton with the people — extraordinary number of people in the Democratic primary who weren’t excited about her.

JOE: By the way, you have seen this all along. I guess that’s why this question is so elementary to you. Because you’ve been saying she was going to be her vice president all along. And so maybe this is just obvious to you. To me seeing her, though, on stage, owning a stage, the way that politicians — the way politicians don’t own the stage but very few do, she’s got something.

NICOLLE WALLACE: And they had more chemistry than I expected.

JOE: Really good chemistry.

WALLACE: I thought — that was to me was the revelation yesterday. People have talked about how they personally dislike each other. I don’t know if that’s the case or not. But I thought that on stage they displayed a more than adequate amount of chemistry.

MIKA: You know, Hillary has this thing: she wants to win. I think they can act.

JOE: I will tell you one final thing, I love Tim Kaine. And if I were Hillary Clinton I would want Tim Kaine to be my vice president. I understand why Sherrod Brown would be popular for people in the party. But the more I saw Elizabeth Warren on the stage yesterday, the more I thought how dull any other pick but Elizabeth Warren would be. So I hope they’re polling her and I hope she’s coming out well in the polls. Because if not, she’s going to make her VP pick look like a dud.


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