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Hillary Forgot to Turn Over a Very Important Email

Hillary Forgot to Turn Over a Very Important Email

“Let’s get separate address or device but I don’t want any risk of the personal being accessible.”

Several chapters back in the Hillary EmailGate Saga, we learned that she deleted half of her emails because they were “personal” in nature. How the woman was able to do her job when every other email was personal and not work-related is an entirely different matter, but explains a fair amount.

Yesterday, Mary blogged about security features disabled by the State Department so that Hillary could receive emails to her personal email account.

Now, it looks like Hilary failed to turn over a key work-related email.

From Fox News:

Former Secretary Hillary Clinton failed to turn over a copy of a key message involving problems caused by her use of a private homebrew email server, the State Department confirmed Thursday. The disclosure makes it unclear what other work-related emails may have been deleted by the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

The email was included within messages exchanged Nov. 13, 2010, between Clinton and one of her closest aides, Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin. At the time, emails sent from Clinton’s BlackBerry device and routed through her private server in the basement of her New York home were being blocked by the State Department’s spam filter. A suggested remedy was for Clinton to obtain a email account.

“Let’s get separate address or device but I don’t want any risk of the personal being accessible,” Clinton responded to Abedin.

Clinton never used a government account that was set up for her, instead continuing to rely on her private server until leaving office.

The email was not among the tens of thousands of emails Clinton turned over to the agency in response to public records lawsuits seeking copies of her official correspondence. Abedin, who also used a private account on Clinton’s server, provided a copy from her own inbox after the State Department asked her to return any work-related emails. That copy of the email was publicly cited last month in a blistering audit by the State Department’s inspector general that concluded Clinton and her team ignored clear internal guidance that her email setup violated federal standards and could have left sensitive material vulnerable to hackers.

“While this exchange was not part of the approximately 55,000 pages provided to the State Department by former Secretary Clinton, the exchange was included within the set of documents Ms. Abedin provided the department in response to our March 2015 request,” State Department spokesman John Kirby told The Associated Press on Thursday.

I’ve long speculated that if there is a chink in Hillary’s armor, it’s her aides and still believe that’s the case. I doubt there will be any smoking gun or one damning piece of evidence, more like campaign death by eleventy billion paper cuts.

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Find 2,000+ smoking guns on her email server along with 22 that had Top Secret or SAP information isn’t enough?

    MattMusson in reply to ConradCA. | June 24, 2016 at 2:31 pm

    People actually died after her server was hacked. And, the govt knows it. But, you and I will not live long enough for that information to be declassified.

      I’ve got a pretty good chance of living long enough to see them declassified. I should only be in my mid-seventies by the time the statutory time passes AND the internal processes are all completed.

The woman is a never-ending train wreck. Has there ever been anybody quite as amazingly inept at EVERYTHING as Hillary Clinton? She’s even incompetent at lying, cheating, and stealing. I know she’s done it her entire adult life, but with that much practice I’d expect her to be much better at it. As smooth as Willy Jeff is at being a sleaze, you’d think at least some of that slick would have been absorbed by Hillary.

Assuming these “yoga” and “Chelsea wedding” related emails are all in the possession of any number of foreign powers the blackmail potential here is enormous. Of course, this is all offset by one overriding fact – she has a vagina.

The FBI will get right on this.

    Common Sense in reply to Rick. | June 24, 2016 at 3:47 pm

    As soon as they finish trying to the discover the reason the Radical Islamic terrorist killed 49 American citizens in Orlando!!

    Dripping with sarcasm!

She didn’t forget. She had tons of people to remind her and even do it for her. It was deliberate.

This e-mail is a big deal because it’s the first one I’ve seen reported which has anyone in the press speculating about the obvious—that Hillary’s whole e-mail setup wasn’t about mere convenience, or her tendency to be “often confused”, or even just about hiding her activities from Congressional investigation and FOI requests; that it’s about hiding the trail of her international payola schemes, selling favors to generous clients while Sec. of State.

Finally, even the press is waking up to the blatant corruption.

    Spiny Norman in reply to tom swift. | June 24, 2016 at 3:35 pm

    …it’s about hiding the trail of her international payola schemes, selling favors to generous clients while Sec. of State.

    This, a thousand times this.

VetHusbandFather | June 24, 2016 at 1:34 pm

This angle is the most frightening. The blackmail potential is tremendous. It should preclude her from even a secret clearance, let alone the presidency.

“But we gave you 55,000 pages; what more do you want?”

I’m not interested in what’s in those 55,000 pages; what I want are the 50 or 100 pages that you didn’t produce!

American Human | June 24, 2016 at 2:56 pm

Obviously the security of her ample rear-end was vastly more important that the security of the country, or the Benghazi compound for that matter.

4 dean in Benghazi just does not have the same liberal ring as 4 dead in O-HI-O.

“if there is a chink in Hillary’s armor, it’s her aides”

Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin, Jake Sullivan, Philippe Reines, Patrick F Kennedy – who takes 5 yrs with the ankle bracelet & Probation -vs- 20 yrs & the Orange Jumpsuit?

Common Sense | June 24, 2016 at 3:44 pm

The top 3 words that describe Hillary.