Harvard is instituting a new policy which will punish students who join single-sex clubs by prohibiting them from serving in leadership roles.

While many students are unhappy with the new rules, it was women at the school who recently staged a protest.

The Harvard Crimson reports:

Hundreds of Women Protest Harvard Sanctions

Continuing to mount pressure on administrators, more than 200 women rallied in front of Massachusetts Hall Monday against a new Harvard policy that will bar members of unrecognized single-gender social organizations from holding leadership positions in official clubs and receiving top fellowships.

The rally, organized by a group calling itself the Crimson Women’s Coalition, featured four brief speeches from undergraduate women, a march around Harvard Yard, and chants defending all-female organizations.

The event marks the latest in a series of negative responses to Harvard’s newly announced sanctions against single-gender social organizations, which will first affect freshmen matriculating in the fall of 2017. Many graduate leaders of male and female final clubs, national greek organizations, and undergraduate women have expressed frustration and opposition to the announcement.

Compared to final clubs, Greek organizations endured relatively little administrative pressure to update their membership policies this year. In the wake of the policy, members of Greek organizations have been particularly critical of the move…

Women began gathering Monday around 5 p.m., holding signs that ranged in tone from somber to lighthearted. One read “Sexual Assault Is Not Our Fault,” and another read “I should’ve gone to Bryn Mawr,” referencing the Pennsylvania women’s college that University President Drew G. Faust attended.

Here’s a video report the Crimson shot on campus:

It’s a good thing women are protesting this because fewer people would pay attention if men did it. It’s also a bit humorous considering this policy was enacted in the name of inclusion and gender equity.

The irony wasn’t lost on Charles Lane of the Washington Post:

Harvard’s clueless illiberalism

Harvard University’s administrators should read Tocqueville’s book “Democracy in America.” Their institution is not, strictly speaking, a state — it’s more of a state within a state, up there in Cambridge, Mass. In every other way, the school’s new crackdown on fraternities, sororities and a local variant, “final clubs,” epitomizes the clueless illiberalism against which the French sociologist warned.

Harvard has concluded that, in response to sexual assault and other manifestations of gender inequity, it must reform campus culture. Single-gender social organizations are unavoidably discriminatory, President Drew Gilpin Faust noted, “in many cases enacting forms of privilege and exclusion,” contrary to what Harvard stands for.

Being private, self-funded and, technically, off-campus, the groups can’t be banned; but they can, and will, be discouraged and stigmatized.

This sort of madness will continue on American college campuses for as long as progressives rule the realm of higher education. Their quest for equality always delivers the same result.

Equal misery.

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