Harvard clearly thinks single sex organizations are a bad thing and they’re taking extraordinary measures to discourage students from joining them.

Let’s dispel once and for all with this fiction that progressives believe in choice.

The FIRE blog reports:

Harvard Brings Back the Blacklist for Final Club, Fraternity, Sorority Students

BOSTON, May 6, 2016—In a stunning attack on freedom of association, Harvard University announced today that members of independent, single-sex, off-campus organizations will be blacklisted from Rhodes and Marshall scholarships and banned from leadership of on-campus organizations or athletic teams.

Harvard President Drew Gilpin Faust stated that next year, members of fraternities, sororities, and “final clubs” will begin to be denied these opportunities in an effort to foster “inclusion” and “address deeply rooted gender attitudes.” According to Dean Rakesh Khurana, who recommended the changes, such organizations have been independent from Harvard since 1984. They operate as off-campus entities and do not receive any recognition or benefit from the university.

“Outrageously, Harvard has decided that 2016 is the right time to revive the blacklist,” said Robert Shibley, executive director of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), which defends freedom of association on campus. “This year’s undesirables are members of off-campus clubs that don’t match Harvard’s political preferences. In the 1950s, perhaps Communists would have been excluded. I had hoped that universities were past the point of asking people, ‘Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of a group we don’t like?’ Sadly, they are not.”

Here’s a video report from Wochit News:

What is this really all about? Robby Soave of Reason gets to the heart of the matter:

Harvard Will Punish Students Who Join Fraternities Because They’re ‘Privileged’

Harvard University President Drew Faust has made the shameful decision to punish students who want to join male-only and female-only clubs.

Beginning with the class of 2021, all students who join single-sex finals clubs—Harvard’s unofficial version of fraternities and sororities—will be ineligible for the Rhodes and Marshall scholarships. They will also be prohibited from holding leadership positions in official campus organizations, and on sports teams.

Faust framed the decision as a necessary step to combat “forms of privilege and exclusion at odds with our deepest values.”

“The College cannot ignore these organizations if it is to advance our shared commitment to broadening opportunity and making Harvard a campus for all of its students,” she said, according to The Harvard Crimson.

The decision to go after the finals clubs is partly a response to Harvard’s sexual assault task force, which labelled the organizations a threat to public safety—even though the overwhelming majority of reported rapes at Harvard took place in the dormitories.

In other words, this is just more of the progressive rape-culture, class and race privilege crap that’s ruining institutions of higher education all over America.

Why should Harvard be any different?

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