Disgraced communist and former Obama “Green Jobs Czar,” Van “Cash for Clunkers” Jones, hasn’t been resting on his laurels since his abrupt 2009 middle-of-the-night departure from the Obama administration. He was busy serving at the front of the progressive campaign to diminish and demonize the Tea Party into obscurity, and he has now, apparently, turned his attention to Donald Trump’s candidacy and is warning progressives not to underestimate The Donald.

In a video posted at the MoveOn FaceBook page, Van Jones lists three specific “dumb ideas progressives have about Donald Trump.”

Via Mediaite:

1. Trump will self-destruct
2. He’s bad on policy, so he will lose
3. Demographics will save us

Watch the video:

These are the same things both the GOPe and Constitutional conservatives said / thought about Trump, and they—and we—were wrong.

Each of Jones’ points is, or has thus far proven to be, spot on.

Trump won’t self-destruct in the general not only because he gets social media but because Hillary is a rich minefield of actual controversy, corruption, and uselessness. Trump won’t have to drop hints that he heard that Hillary’s mother was holding a lit match near the hydrogen reservoirs of the Hindenburg seconds before it erupted in flames; Hillary is a mess, and Trump is hitting her hard, and with precision in this case, by calling her out on her complicity in covering up her husband’s affairs, bullying the women into silent submission, and at least one case of alleged rape.

Hillary’s “woman card” is out the window, and she knows it.


Former Michigan governor and current Hillary surrogate, Jennifer Granholm sounds like she hasn’t been paying attention for the last six or eight months because that dog won’t hunt, and without her vajayjay card, Hillary is going to find herself truly struggling in the general election should she be the Democrat nominee.

Van Jones’ second point, that Trump is “bad on policy” and that this doesn’t matter, is equally accurate. In the video above, he notes, astutely, that people “don’t know or understand policy” and, perhaps more meaningfully, that this election isn’t “about”policy.

He’s right.

Van Jones’ third point about relying on demographics is also important because Trump does have the ability to articulate, and be heard, the massive failures of progressive policy with regard to minorities and the middle classes.

There is no indication as yet that Hillary or other progressives intend to take Trump’s candidacy or Van Jones’s warning seriously, however.


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