The video below is meaningful at so many levels.

At one level, it’s for me another Ted Cruz moment, similar to when he confronted with facts and logic Code Pink protesters. A Ted Cruz moment for me:

Cruz could have reacted many ways. He could have shouted down the people shouting him down. He could have insulted them. He could have had security push them away.

But instead, he engaged. That’s what was important to me. The confidence to engage rather than avoid. Standing face to face with hostile protesters was very Andrew Breitbart-like.

The video below is of Cruz “debating” a Trump supporter. Was this person a real supporter or, as Allahpundit puts it, a parody of a Trump supporter.

The Trump supporter is rude and verbally abusive — spewing the one-liners and insults he hears from Trump. Listen to the guy. Is there anything he or the crowd says that you couldn’t image Trump saying himself and in the same manner?

This guy is the pro-Trump equivalent of Code Pink – full of insults but lacking in understanding or the willingness to understand. A sucker who thinks he is part of a great movement, but is simply being played by a master player. And unfortunately, he embodies everything that has gone wrong this electoral season.

Cruz doesn’t get angry at the insults, though. Instead, he confronts the Trump supporter with facts that show that much of what Trump supporters use to attack Cruz actually more accurately reflects Trump.

It’s another Ted Cruz moment for me.

But the Trump supporter is having none of it, he just becomes more insulting as does the crowd. I think this tweet accurately sums up the debate:

Facts don’t matter in this election; they never do when cults of personality take hold as happened in 2008 with Obama.

I don’t know if Cruz will be able to get to a contested convention, but I certainly hope he does.


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