If you’ve been watching Twitter for the last few days, you may have seen an ad floating around which features a bearded hipster asking if you’re man enough to vote for Hillary.

Unfortunately, the ad is fake. The Hill reports:

‘Man enough to vote for Hillary’ ad is fake

An ad that asks voters whether they’re “man enough” to vote for Hillary Clinton is not from Clinton’s campaign, Jezebel reported Thursday.

The ad — featuring the slogan “I am man enough to vote for a woman … Are you?” — has been shared on Twitter with the hashtag #ManEnough4Hillary.

It also features one of the Democratic presidential candidate’s slogans, “I’m with her.”

Snopes confirmed this:

Adding to the hilarity of this, the site Recode reports that the image comes from a public service announcement about STDs:

That viral #ManEnough4Hillary ad is a fake and it comes from a syphilis PSA

On the surface it looked like the case of the stock photo gone horribly wrong.

A bearded dude with slicked-back hair, sleeve tattoo and a smoldering gaze declares, “I am man enough to vote for a woman … Are you?” It looks, by all appearances, to be the Clinton campaign’s social media answer to the Bernie Bro.

But the Clinton campaign says it doesn’t have anything to do with the #ManEnough4Hillary ad, which websites The Daily Caller and Daily Wire treated as a legitimate — if ham-handed — campaign.

The Internet rumor-busting site Snopes called it out as a phony.

But for a time, the Twitterati enjoyed the revelation that the same hipster model featured in the faux-Clinton social media ad has appeared in a Portland ad campaign with a definite feel-the-burn context — of the variety associated with a sexually transmitted disease.

Naturally, this set off a comedy storm on Twitter:

How did we ever get through elections without Twitter?

Featured image is a screen cap.