If you’ve been following this election cycle, you’re well aware that our current presidential primary/caucus setup is bunk. It’s weird. It’s complicated. It’s arbitrary. And it’s far more confusing than it ought to be.

HBO’s John Oliver also noticed the “erratic clusterf*ck” that makes up our modern presidential primaries.

No, it’s not suitable for work, but it is pretty darn funny:

One of the biggest issues this primary season? Those who believed our primary process to be a directly democratic one have been disappointed to find out that’s not the case. Though Oliver compares this to getting to the end of a football game and determining the winner by who found the most eggs.

Amazingly, the respective winners in both parties happen to be the candidates who’ve garnered the most votes… this time. But as Oliver points out, should the system continue as is, we may very well face a situation where the candidate does not reflect the popular primary vote. Heck, that could happen in Cincinnati. And what happens to our primary process then?

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