Over the years I’ve chatted with many a woman who was ardently pro-abortion until 1) they became pregnant or 2) they learned what actually happens during an abortion procedure.

Pro-life group, Live Action, is utilizing the latter scenario — showing pro-choicers how babies are ripped to pieces during an abortion.

Dr. Anthony Levatino, a former abortionist, explains what happens during the most common type of second trimester abortion (13-24 weeks of pregnancy), dilation and evacuation (D&E). Live Action stopped men and women on the street to show them Dr. Levatino’s account (he has a great story of his own), and not one of them left as resolutely pro-abortion as they were before seeing the video.

Many changed their minds completely.

Here’s what they saw:

Dr. Levatino and Live Action produced several other videos as part of their educational series. Those videos include aspiration abortions (performed in the first trimester), abortion pills, induction abortion (performed during the third trimester), and a lengthy interview with Dr. Levatino.

“Ending a pregnancy” sounds harmless enough if you don’t know what that entails. But when you do? Well, that’s a game changer. There’s something about the truth that’s inescapable.

[h/t Ericka Andersen at National Review]

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