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Now, Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s poaching CA businesses!

Now, Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s poaching CA businesses!

He targets Golden State’s new minimum wage mandate in ad!

I followed former Texas Rick Perry’s poaching of California businesses when he was still in office.

Now, Florida’s governor is going to pick up where Perry left off. Governor Rick Scott is off to California next week in to court a variety of firms and enterprises, and released this ad ahead of his hunting trip.

“700,000. that’s how many California jobs will be lost, thanks to the politicians raising the minimum wage,” chimes a female voice in the ad.

Scott opposes a minimum wage hike in Florida.

“Why do oppose a hike in the minimum wage?” we asked Scott.

“I want more people to get jobs. One of the things…there’s a study that says in California if they raise the minimum wage, their gonna lose 700,000 jobs,” Scott said.

California Governor Jerry Brown remains nonplussed.

“As one of the millions of tourists flocking to the Golden State this time of year, we’d like to extend a warm welcome to the Governor,” Brown press secretary Evan Westrup said. “We can understand why he’s coming back — there’s lots to do and plenty to learn.

In fact, since his last 2,000 mile cross-country jaunt, California has added twice as many jobs as Florida, while paying down debt, building a robust rainy-day fund and taking bold action on issues Governor Scott continues to ignore, like climate change and poverty.”

Twice as many jobs as Florida! That sounds great…until a little digging reveals the type of jobs the press secretary is bragging about. The news about the California job market isn’t quite as golden as our governor’s office presents.

The fastest job creation has come in low-wage sectors, in which pay has declined. At the high end of the salary scale, a different dynamic has taken hold: rising pay and improving employment after rounds of consolidation.

Most distressing, middle-wage workers are losing out on both counts.

“People talk about it like an hourglass,” said Tracey Grose, vice president of the Bay Area Council Economic Institute. “There are fewer opportunities for people in the middle.”

As it is, businesses are already leaving the state ahead of the implementation of the $15 minimum wage mandate.

California Composites, which makes airplane parts, announced Monday it will have to leave the state, reports KPCC. Five Loaves Two Fish Clothing’s owner told KOGO the new law will be devastating for her business.

Inland Empire Economist John Husing told the Los Angeles Daily News the increase will likely cause more businesses to automate. Low-skilled jobs like cashiers which have allowed young people to enter the workforce are starting to be done by touchscreen computers and machines.

And there are many former employees of UB Berkeley that may consider moving, due to a sudden change in their employment status in the wake of the new wage law.

Instead of fantasy motivations to stay in here, perhaps Brown should offer Californians some reasons not to leave for Florida?

(Featured image from another Florida vs California Youtube video).


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legacyrepublican | April 27, 2016 at 9:54 am

The Mamas and Pappas reunion tour has released a new single.

California Leaving

California leaving, on such a high minimum wage ….

“In fact, since his last 2,000 mile cross-country jaunt, California has added twice as many jobs as Florida”

He “forgets” to mention that California has twice the population of Florida, so they have to add “twice as many jobs” just to stay even…

… while paying down debt …

Oh, that Jerry. What a card.

We don’t want California liberals. Rick Scott, please stop!!