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Media Pounces On Reports of Black Staffers Leaving the RNC

Media Pounces On Reports of Black Staffers Leaving the RNC

Headlines vs the full story

As I was reading through my newsfeeds, I kept seeing this story about “black staffers” leaving the RNC in droves.  It sounded ominous, like everything the mainstream media and progressive left have been saying was playing out in a mass exodus of black Republicans from the party.

Here are some of the headlines:

from NBCNews:

Yet Another Top African American Staffer Departs RNC

from the Sun Times:

RNC Losing Top Black Staffer

from Huffington Post:

Top Black Staffers Leave The Republican National Committee

However, once you follow the link and read the stories, these black staffers are simply moving on to new and greener pastures, often within the GOP or in more lucrative media roles.  For example, the subject of the stories above is  Kristal Quarker-Hartsfield, the national director of African-American Initiatives at the RNC, and she “is leaving the organization to work for Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) as his director of intergovernmental affairs.”

HuffPo reports:

Asked about her decision to depart, Quarker-Hartsfield told HuffPost, “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at the RNC. It has been an honor to work for Chairman Priebus during an exciting time in politics. It has been exciting to have a front row seat to a national Republican movement to maintain the House and win back the Senate. Chairman Priebus is an innovative leader who empowers his team, and serves my Party as a humble servant leader.”

Other black staffers who’ve left the RNC, but not the party, are “Orlando Watson, communications director for black media, and Tara Wall and Raffi Williams, son of Fox News political analyst Juan Williams, [who] both left their press positions at the RNC late last year.”  None of whom have been critical of the RNC or of the GOP.

That doesn’t stop the suggestive headlines, though, and these headlines do what they are intended to do: make the GOP seem racist or unwelcoming to black conservatives.

Sure, these headlines are click bait, but they serve an even more crucial purpose in reinforcing the pervasive RAAACIST image of the GOP.


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Little Johnny | April 3, 2016 at 4:24 pm

Headlines vs the full story…
If the RNC tries to draft Paul Ryan, both white and black voters will be leaving the GOP.

Lies by omission are still lies. There is a reason that the traditional media – of whatever political bent – is seeing it’s viewership/readership crater. As for me…

20 years newsmagazine-free
15 years newspaper-free
13 years radio-free
7 years cable-free

At this point, I get all of my news from places like Legal Insurrection, Patterico, Moonbattery, Instapundit, etc. and the occasional link to a traditional-media story.

kenoshamarge | April 3, 2016 at 4:45 pm

Media Headlines concocted to misinform? Imagine that.

The story depends on the reader’s assumption that blacks do not normally change jobs, or have varied careers like white people are expected to do. For those who are looking for racism, that’s the real thing.

    Excellent point, Valerie. Much of the leftist “defense” of black people involves the automatic assumption that black people are inferior in some way. Even knowing this, I was completely shocked when prominent leftists were tweeting that Clarence Thomas is only the Supreme Court because of affirmative action during the affirmative action case last year. The implication being, of course, that without government help, Thomas was too stupid to earn his place on the Court (as he so clearly did).

    Progressive policies and ideology is often inherently racist. Just look at the way that Islamists are coddled and excused . . . they don’t “know better,” they just need jobs and classes on how not to rape children. If they weren’t so inferior, we’d be really angry about their stance on gays, women, religion, etc. Pathetic and yes, transparent, racism.

I don’t understand why they wait for someone to actually change jobs. The story is just as good (ONLY just as good) if they simply make up the whole idea.

Do the folks in DC share one brain?

DunningKruger | April 5, 2016 at 8:36 pm

It takes HEADLINES to “make the GOP seem racist or unwelcoming to black conservatives”???? Oh, my sides, I can’t even…