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Hillary Believes Bernie Supporters Will Embrace Her

Hillary Believes Bernie Supporters Will Embrace Her

“I’m confident that we’ll all join together.”

Hillary Clinton is trying to convince her party, and possibly herself, that Bernie Sanders supporters will ultimately embrace her as the Democratic nominee.

Nick Gass reports at Politico:

Clinton: Sanders’ young supporters will unite behind me

Just as her supporters coalesced behind Barack Obama after she exited the race in 2008, Hillary Clinton expressed optimism Thursday that backers of Bernie Sanders would do the same this year if the choice is between her and either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz.

During a discussion on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Clinton was asked by uncommitted superdelegate Rep. Brendan Boyle (D-Pa.) how she would keep younger voters, particularly those who have enthusiastically supported Sanders and opposed her during the primary process, in her column in November.

“I think I’ll make the case, and from everything I’ve seen—both personal conversations and research that has been done, just as it was with me when I dropped out, you know, the vast majority of Sen. Sanders’ young supporters will look at the choice,” Clinton said.

She continued, noting that she has acknowledged as much to Sanders’ supporters, “The choice will be pretty stark if either of the two leading Republican candidates become the nominee, and I’m confident that we’ll all join together.”

Here’s a video of Hillary’s appearance on Good Morning America:

Hillary is basing her argument on the assumption that 2016 is just like 2008 but that’s a big mistake. In 2008, Democrats hadn’t been in control of the White House for eight years.

One could also argue that Bernie Sanders supporters in 2016 are far more zealous in support of their preferred candidate than Hillary supporters were in 2008.

There are even some people on the left who have said they won’t support her under any circumstances.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Sanders Voter Lists Reasons She Won’t Vote For Clinton in General Election

A supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) vowed Thursday to never vote for Hillary Clinton in the general election if she is the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, listing off several reasons why she strongly dislikes the former secretary of state.

“If Hillary Clinton gets the nomination, as a Bernie supporter, would you end up voting for her?” a reporter asked a woman wearing a Bernie For President T-shirt.

“I don’t think so; I’m pretty positive,” the woman said.

Another voter sitting next to the Sanders supporter asked if she would sit out the election and not vote for anyone if Clinton became the nominee.

“I’m not going to sit out. There are multiple candidates. I would cast my vote for Jill Stein before [Clinton],” the woman said, referring to the liberal environmental activist who is running for president as a member of the Green Party.

Rallying the far left to her campaign may be trickier than she thinks.

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buckeyeminuteman | April 22, 2016 at 7:47 am

Mexican tap water, a fart when I have the flu, pills offered by Bill Cosby, a Brian Williams news report, gas station sushi and even Donald Trump are all things I trust more than Hillary Clinton.

I think we are going to eventually find that some of the really obnoxious Trump supporters online are Democrats for Hillary. They are very effective at turning people off Trump. It’s a Hillary kind of thing to do.

The young Bernie voters will not turn out for Hillary. But that is okay. Dem poll workers will vote for those who don’t show up.

Nah. They won’t embrace her — embracing isn’t their style. But they’ll certainly hate the GOP nominee with the fiery passion of their self-righteous virtuousiness (sic, TM). And that will have the same effect.

Hillary Believes Bernie Supporters Will Embrace Her … yeah, with a pillow

What else would you expect the #PayolaPresident candidate to say?

No reason why they shouldn’t – after all, she and Bernie, except for one very big difference, believe the same thing pretty much up and down the line. The big difference?: Who should get to line their pockets from the White House.

Well Clinton you are in for a huge awakening. The latest polls show that the majority of Sanders supporters will cross party lines and vote for Trump if you win the nomination.