A Toronto-based Black Lives Matter organizer, Yusra Khogali, tweeted about killing, “men and white folks,” in February before deleting the tweet and locking her account.

According to Newstalk 1010:

Many are now calling for a police investigation, calling the tweet ‘hate speech’.

There’s been no comment from Ali yet, but NEWSTALK 1010 has contacted Black Lives Matter and we’ve yet to hear a response.

Believe it or not, the tweet had five ‘likes’ before it was removed. Shortly after, Ali locked down her twitter account. But there was even one response that said “praying for ya… to destroy them.”

The police say they haven’t opened an investigation because no one has come forward to complain. But, one NEWSTALK 1010 listener says the issue was raised with the Toronto Police, and nothing ever came of it.

We’ve now contacted the police, to find out why no action was taken.

The Premier met with the group informally outside of Queen’s Park on Monday, and promised a face to face meeting with the organizers. It appears as though that meeting will continue as planned.

The following is a quote from Michael Coteau, the Minister Responsible for Anti-Racism:

“We are fortunate to live in one of the most progressive, inclusive societies in the world. But there is no question that systemic racism continues to create unfair outcomes for racialized and indigenous persons in Ontario. Black Lives Matter is an important part of a dialogue we must have. Yesterday, I sent an invitation to the leadership of Black Lives Matter to meet with myself and my colleagues Minister Madeleine Meilleur, Attorney General, and Minister Yasir Naqvi, Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services, to discuss their concerns and how our Government can help address systemic racism in our province. I look forward to meeting with them shortly.”

No one involved in the Black Lives Matters movement is willing to comment on Ali’s tweets. Toronto News reported:

Khogali has yet to respond to a request for comment about the message.

In a sit-down interview with CP24 Tuesday night, a representative with Black Lives Matter Toronto refused to comment on Khogali’s tweet.

“I won’t comment on it,” Sandy Hudson said. “It would be besmirching the memory of Andrew Loku, of Jermaine Carby, and the people who have died in our community.”

Discussing the tweet, Hudson said, was not in the public’s interest.

“This is tabloid,” she said. “It’s not public interest news. It’s not news.

“What is in the public interest is what our decision makers are going to be doing to ensure that black folks are not discriminated against, unfairly targeted, dehumanized, (and) killed by police services in our city and in our country.”

Asked if she had spoken to Khogali about the tweet, Husdon said she was instead interested in speaking with the premier about “what she has committed to for our community.”

Though the tweet was from February, the story is gaining traction across Canadian media outlets this week.

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