Hillary’s “I am so sick” rant yesterday is understandable.

The lady is under pressure. Not only are the feds circling her, Bernie just announce a huge March cash haul. The NY Times reports:

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont raised $44 million in March, his campaign announced Friday, beating his previous best monthly haul.

The strong fund-raising numbers followed a string of victories in Democratic voting contests last week in Idaho, Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii. They also hint at the seemingly limitless well of small dollars that Mr. Sanders has been able to tap, even as his chances of winning enough delegates to take the Democratic nomination appear to be waning. Should the Democratic front-runner, Hillary Clinton, post a lower number, it would be the third consecutive month that Mr. Sanders raised more money than the former secretary of state.

What this means is that Bernie is not going to leave the race anytime soon. He has the cash to hang on, and more important, the fundraising reflects increased confidence that Bernie, not Hillary, is The One.

Moreover, Bernie is leading in Wisconsin polling, and is even setting his sites on the NY State April 19 primary. A win in Wisconsin will add to Bernie’s momentum during a quiet two-week primary period.

Bernie trails in the NY polls by a lot, but the polling is rather thin (surprisingly). , but the state is not winner-take-all, so he could pick up delegates if he does well.

Bernie just held an enormous rally in his hometown of NYC:

Bernie Sanders headed to his hometown of New York City Thursday, ahead of New York State’s April 19 primary, and addressed more than 18,500 people at St. Mary’s Park in the Bronx.

The venue was overflowing with attendees, many of whom spilled over into an adjacent baseball field. Some Sanders supporters hoping for a glimpse of the Vermont senator-turned-Democratic presidential hopeful even climbed trees and fanned out on hillsides.

If Bernie wins NY State by some minor miracle, it would change everything:

Bernie Sanders kicked off his New York campaign with a rally in the heavily Hispanic South Bronx area of New York City on Thursday night, telling the crowd he’d win the presidency if he secures a victory in the state on April 19.

“If there is a large voter turnout, we will win,” Sanders said to loud cheers. “And if we win here in New York, we are going to make it to the White House!”

There also is a growing “Bernie or Bust” movement — the Democratic equivalent for Hillary of #NeverTrump.

The #BernieOrBust movement has liberal media writers like Charles Blow apoplectic, ‘Bernie or Bust’ Is Bonkers:

This position is dangerous, shortsighted and self-immolating.

If Sanders wins the nomination, liberals should rally round him. Conversely, if Clinton does, they should rally round her.

This is not a game. The presidency, particularly the next one, matters, and elections can be decided by relatively small margins.

No wonder Hillary is sick.