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Bernie Sanders Begins Staff Layoffs

Bernie Sanders Begins Staff Layoffs

Cites “right-sizing” for remaining contests

Bernie Sanders campaign is trimming the fat.

Just one day after the Democratic Socialist lost four out of five primary contests to Hillary Clinton, his campaign announced they’d be scaling back considerably.

More than 200 staffers were let go Wednesday morning, a move the campaign calls “right-sizing.”

NBC News reports:

Sanders spokesman Michael Briggs told NBC News that the layoffs are part of a “right-sizing” in light of the dwindling number of remaining primary contests.

“It’s a posture of reality,” Briggs said.

Campaign manager Jeff Weaver emphasized that there will still be more than 300 Sanders campaign workers active in remaining states, and he argued that the departure of the 225 staffers is part of the ebb and flow of a presidential campaign.

At its peak, the Sanders campaign had as many as a thousand employees.

Sanders trails Clinton in the race for delegates by a nearby insurmountable margin. Clinton has secured 1,620 pledged delegates, while Sanders has 1,289. When unpledged “superdelegates” are included in that count, Clinton must only win 20 percent of the remaining delegates, while Sanders would have to win 80 percent of them.

Briggs insisted that the move is not a response to flagging fundraising, saying that the campaign continues to raise cash from supporters “very strongly.”

The Vermont senator has vowed to stay in the race “until the last vote is cast.”

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I wonder if there has been an increased demand for do not resituate orders since it appears that Hellary has the nomination sewn up.

Bernie has served his purpose to give the appearance that the democratic candidate wasn’t preordained. He did his job a little too well. Time to go…

“Right-sizing” — that sounds awfully corporate, for a democratic socialist.

“It’s a posture of reality,”

When did these people start caring about reality ?

Now, if he could just get The One Percent to pay for his staff, he wouldn’t have to lay off any repressed workers. See? So simple!

It’s called left-sizing when Dems do it.

“More than 200 staffers were let go Wednesday morning…”

Well, I hope this democratic socialist had the workers vote about the layoffs and then as a collective decided to cover the laid off workers projected loses with Bernie’s campaign funds…for life.

buckeyeminuteman | April 28, 2016 at 7:45 am

I don’t even want to know how much these formerly paid staffers are now going to make in unemployment handouts at the taxpayer’s expense.