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What really happens at CPAC

What really happens at CPAC

The Most Important CPAC Video Ever

Speeches, panels, candidate selfies, cocktail hours, and parties are the lifeblood of CPAC, the annual conservative conference.

But what really happens at CPAC? Our good friends at Ben Howe Creative published what might be the most important CPAC video EVER:

As productive a trip at CPAC was this year, I’m happy to be back in the land of normal schedules, temperate climates, and puppy snuggles.

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Well, that’s three minutes of my life I’ll mourn for the rest of the day.

Do you think gay people are weird?
Well obviously Boogerman does. Otherwise:
Why doesn’t Ted Boogermqan Cruz disavow Bryan Fischer?

Ben Howe’s Rubio supporting twitter timeline is a carnival of Establishment angst at the prospect of a Trump nomination.

I see most of his tweets daily and have lightly bantered and teased him over his antics. At least he responds with a bit of humor instead of going postal.

Another Rubio fan boy is Guy Benson of FOX. OMG he is postal!

Same deal with Charles Gasparino of Fox Business. He has gone full Keith Olbermann on twitter in punching down on the little people who jazz him.

I finally blocked Gasparino to get him off my timeline.

The anger of these guys is over the top. They don’t really promote Rubio, they mainly attack Trump.

If Cruz = front runner it would be the exact same scenario attacking Cruz non-stop.