This is getting to be a really, really sick habit.

The other day we posted videos of anti-Israel protesters disrupting a makeshift memorial to those killed in the Brussels terror attack, by ripping up, standing on and covering up a small Israeli flag, Of course: Israel haters disrupt Brussels Memorial site:

Something similar happened today, as reported by a DW News (Germany) correspondent Dana Regev.

Hundreds of people had gathered, were crying and playing music.

Then a man walked onto the area where the memorials were placed, including apparently an Israeli flag and notes from Israelis, and started screaming “Palestine” “Palestine” as the crowd booed and he was led away:

An image at The Telegraph shows someone who appears to be the same man.

Despite the disruption, there were many Israeli flags and messages still there.

The disruption of the Brussels memorials by anti-Israel protesters reflects a sickness that runs deep.

Perhaps Europe will finally see it too.

(h/t Sussex Friends of Israel Facebook)