There was supposed to be a Fox News Republican Debate Monday night. That was until Donald Trump did well last night, and decided he didn’t need another debate.

Trump says he didn’t even know about the debate, even though everyone else did, and won’t participate because he is speaking before AIPAC:

Except that as of yesterday his speech was not scheduled for a specific time slot:

Kasich appears to be following suit.

Cruz appears willing to “debate” regardless:

Cruz has started a petition drive against “Ducking Donald

This appears to be part of Trump’s strategy of presuming he gets the nomination with a mere plurality, and he’s not being shy about predicting violence if that doesn’t happen:

Which leaves open — as of this writing — what Fox News will do.

I suggest giving Ted Cruz two hours of free air time.

UPDATE: I guess Fox News didn’t want to follow my advice, though no confirmation from Fox News itself, yet. Maybe they will hold it in-studio:

UPDATE: I guess that Fox News did take my advice, but Cruz didn’t. Baffling.