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The ridicule Tea Party faced in 2012 has evolved…

The ridicule Tea Party faced in 2012 has evolved…

…to the violence we may face in 2016.

It turns out that our 2012 Tea Party event was, indeed, crashed by a D-list Hollywood celebrity wannabe!

The meeting, which focused on how citizen activists could counter false charges of racism, was crashed by a group of disruptors waving Confederate flags and holding White Power signs.

One of our astute readers, Wolverbear, asked if it was Adult Swim comedian Eric André.

Why, yes it was! Our savvy research team has uncovered this Youtube chestnut.

It appears that we were treated to a comedy skit by a low-talent hack.

Eric André is erratic jazz. He’s polarizing. If you get it, you love it; if you don’t, you leave the room confused. His talk show The Eric Andre Show is a chaotic blend of whatever strange, violent, and disruptive sketches Adult Swim will let him and his team produce. André describes the show as an attempt to answer the question, “What if I was a talk show host who treated it like his day job, like a temp job?”

Let me tell you what Andre left on the cutting room floor:

  • His team disrupted the concluding remarks of the Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson (founder of B.O.N.D. and the South Central LA Tea Party), who was poised to discuss the specifics of how the local Tea Party groups could effectively aid the Southern California black community.
  • André cut out the part of an elderly woman who began weeping as the KKK hood was being waved in her face, because she was so hurt that she was being falsely accused of racism.
  • The videographers edited out the many offers for André and his “posse” to have a free meal and explain their political and economic differences in a respectful manner.

Finally, my many attempts to get a straight answer from him during an impromptu interview didn’t make it into the skit either.  What I do remember vividly was that, after I told this band of Merry Men the details about the forum, the two instagators who accompanied André had the grace to look embarrassed.

André just continued the mocking. I recall he really hated my shoes.

There are vile consequences of continued ridicule and chronic assertions that conservative activists are racists.  Over the ensuing 4 years, we have been dehumanized by insults, tasteless humor, and baseless charges.

Now, bad jokes aren’t enough.

LI #48b Race-Hate Tweets

The above image is a screen capture via Breitbart (the original Tweet has been removed), which provides additional details on the author:

“Fammo” is likely a reference to Mr. Poe’s associates and extended family members.

Mr. Poe was a prominent Ferguson activist who was closely associated with Ashley Yates. Mr. Poe and Ms. Yates are the co-founders of the social justice Hands Up United, who also sell T-Shirts and accept donations on their website.

André seems to have established his questionable comedy credentials at the expense of many kind-hearted Californians.

I wish him all the joy and success in is future career that he deserves.

Meanwhile, myself and many other good Americans will be trying to undo the damage all his race-baiting “jokes” have caused.


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They start shooting? It will be a whole new ball game.

    With what? We are the ones who are stockpiling all the guns, at least according to them.

    Full disclosure: I own two shotguns, both purchased legally during the term of the current occupant of the Oval Office.

    JackRussellTerrierist in reply to VotingFemale. | March 19, 2016 at 1:18 am

    Never happen. They lack the skills and intelligence to take on whitey, and they know it. Besides, they’re cowards. They never attack one-on-one unless the victim is old, a young kid, or handicapped. Less vulnerable lone victims draw small gangs of black attackers.

    Those are facts. Call me racist if you like. I haven’t cared for two decades.

If you will recall, there was a video posted here of some woman in Chicago railing about the (nonexistent) violence BY TRUMP SUPPORTERS against blacks as a matter of course at the Trump rallies. She obviously believed that black people are being beat up by whites at all these rallies. She got that from someone.

This isn’t so. But somebody has been making such claims. And some of those somebodies are Republicans.

For shame.

Call out Donald Trump for his policies, or his past actions, but not by using outright lies.

The hissy fits being thrown by Cruz, Clinton, the Washington Post, the New York Times, various Democrats and far too many Republican “leaders” make me wonder if Trump isn’t exactly what we need to break of that nest of crony capitalists from both parties in Washington.

There are days when all you get is 20% of what you want. That is what today looks like, to me.

Yes, street theater is a commonly used tool of the left.

Back when Scott Brown was running for Senate in Massachusetts, there was a crowd that attended several of his campaign events, they dressed in suits, tuxedos, evening dresses, carrying bottles of champagne and champagne glasses, signs said things like ‘Bankers for Scott Brown”, they chanted that they supported Brown because his policies would help them keep their yachts and mansions, generally in-your-face stereotypical behavior that would be over-the-top in a kids cartoon show.

They pushed this in everyone’s face until they got a reaction – maybe a guy would tell then to be quiet, or pull down one of their “I’m Rich and I Support Scott” signs – they always had a cam on them, and the video of this would be posted to left-wing websites, carefully edited to show how boorish and anti-Free Speech the Brown people were.

Seems like nothing has changed. Campaigns need to be warned about this kind of thing IN ADVANCE.

I have been thinking about if I need to get a gun. I am not anti-2A but I never felt guns were really me. However, the outrageous (we have been nice to long – BS) behavior that is being exhibited by the left and their lack of conscious and willingness to cause damage and injury has made me start to think – maybe.

In the mean time I am learning short Bo staff and while I don’t need a cane to walk around now I do take my steel cane with me when I am going out in places that might (low potential but there) be a concern.

Scared lady with cane accidentally crushes genitals of man accosting her works for me. I come from a long military line and if someone is going to try to attack me and I don’t see a way out safely then that person is going to take as much damage as I can deliver.

    MattMusson in reply to Sunlight78. | March 18, 2016 at 11:35 am

    Get a short barreled pump action shotgun. Just the sound of chambering a round will usually send people running. But, load the first round as a blank. That should scare people for sure. If not – you always have 6 or 7 more rounds of buckshot.

      gmac124 in reply to MattMusson. | March 18, 2016 at 3:32 pm

      “But, load the first round as a blank.”

      I wouldn’t recommend a blank. If you need to pull the trigger because of an immediate threat you don’t want to be jacking shells to get to one that will work. Trying to scare the local neighborhood kids, sure. Needing to stop an intruder, nope.

      I see someone is a graduate of the Joe Biden School of Self Defense…

      Never, never load blanks. There are legal ramifications in some (arguably most) jurisdictions.

      As for the shotgun suggestion, the Mossberg Model 500 line is simple, reliable and easy to master, particularly for older folks. I’m 59 and I own two, one each in 12 and 20 gauge.

    Common Sense in reply to Sunlight78. | March 18, 2016 at 12:14 pm

    Take some training and buy your gun now!
    But make darn sure you know the law and know how to safely use your weapon.

    iconotastic in reply to Sunlight78. | March 18, 2016 at 1:06 pm

    If you carry any sort of weapon, not just a firearm, then hurry (don’t dawdle) and purchase the inestimable “Law of Self-Defense”by Andrew Branca (whose posts you may have read here).

    Good morning, Sunlight.

    If you are serious about taking responsibility for your own safety, go to several local gun stores, not Walmart type places, rather visit privately owned gun stores.

    Have a conversation with them. Pick the gun shop you have good vibes about and revisit them. They can help you and guide you to tailor fit a plan for you. Most of these men and woman are very savvy and on your side.

    I always carry a firearm. The one I carry most is a light small pistol chambered in .38 Police Special. It has no external hammer. It is point and shoot, thus no fumbling around in a high stress situation.

    You would need training to properly gain knowledge, understanding & skills in the safe use, handling, and marksmanship.

    This revolver I carry is a Ruger LCR aka a Ruger Elsie and is great pistol for women ( a *lot* of men who carry a concealed firearm favor such pistols also).

    The holster I find the best for carrying inside the waistband and in the purse is called a Remora IWB.

    Had the pleasure of meeting the wife of the inventor of the Remora holster in Phoenix. Sweet elderly lady she is and she knows her business with regards to women’s needs. She carries the same pistol I do.

      JoAnne in reply to VotingFemale. | March 18, 2016 at 2:15 pm

      That’s the gun my husband wants me to try. I guess I’ll have to now! I am planning on taking lessons with the wife half of a husband/wife team who have sterling credentials. I’ve been putting it off but I think the time has come.

      We do have a Mossberg Home Defense shotgun with the first shell being a blank, the second is some kind of heavy birdshot, the third being the real deal. Just the sound of that first shell being chambered is chilling!

    AZ_Langer in reply to Sunlight78. | March 18, 2016 at 3:27 pm

    If you’re not yet a gun person and decide you want to carry, don’t rely on anyone’s advice. Try many models and calibers to determine what is most effective for you.

    When I started shooting I thought I wanted something small and light. After a dear friend insisted I try many of his pistols, I found what was best for me: a big revolver. Carrying it holstered is impractical with my frame, but after much shopping I found a great CC purse.

    Kauf Buch in reply to Sunlight78. | March 18, 2016 at 4:11 pm

    Depends on what state you live in and what restrictions.

    IMPORTANT: yes, the “shotgun” recommendation (for within your home) is good…
    BUT: a concealed carry handgun is MUCH more important, especially when you think of such goons (as mentioned in the article) stalking the streets.

    Consider “old school” but reliable revolvers instead of pistols.

    Though many talk tough about 45 caliber and such, a
    38 special is likely good enough for stopping a threat,
    and has relatively less recoil (i.e. how much the handgun “kicks back” upon firing).

    Look at the Ruger LCR; it has a built-in laser for those who are not expert shots.

    Last thought: except for “practice”, use only hollow point ammunition; it limits the penetration…and stays where you intend it to…

    Sl78, if you do decide to get a pistol or shotgun, go to the NRA site and read, read, read about firearm safety. You can find NRA certified classes for most aspects of gun handling at the site also.
    Ask friends who shoot to take you, offer to pay for the ammo. All guns will feel different, you want to get an idea of what feels best to you. We gun owners are mostly very happy to take out new folks to the range. There are a few crabs.
    I would also suggest taking everyone who lives with you so they can learn how to live with a gun in the house. Takes away the mystery and imparts responsibility.
    Also get a minimum of 250 rounds of ammo for your choice as you will shoot way more in practice to familiarize yourself to the gun. And may you never be in a defensive position.

      The Four Rules:

      1. Treat every firearm as if it was loaded
      2. Never point the muzzle at anything you do not intend to shoot
      3. Keep your hands away from the safety and the trigger until you are in position and ready to shoot
      4. Always be aware of what is around – and behind – your target

    Sunlight, find your local shooting range – preferably one associated with an established rod & gun club or a long-established gun store – and just show up on a weekend. You will find that most folks there will be more than willing to answer your questions, show you their firearms, maybe even let you take a shot or five.

Wow, I registered just to make that single observation/comment, very pleased that it happened to help spring board your research! I guess I’m a prime example of why people who lurk should post.

It doesn’t matter who the GOP nominates. The Left will portray him as a radical racist right-wing fascist.

That’s how they roll.

Great one Leslie. This says it all: “Dear white people if Trump wins young niggas such as myself are fully hell bent on inciting riots everywhere we go. Just so you know.”

Just so you know, young nigga, we’re waiting for you.

Common Sense | March 18, 2016 at 7:02 pm

Not suggesting any violence but it’s getting where it’s time for some of these idiots to get a good butt kicking!
I not sure at this point any thing else will work.