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San Diegans begin to #FeelTheBern

San Diegans begin to #FeelTheBern

Trump supporters greet rally participants… instead of block roads!

Californians are being treated to a rare opportunity to actually make a difference during a presidential primary season…at least if they are Republican.

Senator Bernie Sanders is behind in the delegate count, and the “Super Duper” election results confirm Hillary is the likely nominee at this point. However, he is gamely continuing his campaign with a stop in my home town.

Thousands of supporters packed the San Diego Convention Center Tuesday evening to attend a Bernie Sanders rally.

The Democratic Presidential Candidate stopped in San Diego for the rally more than two months ahead of the winner-take-all California primary in June.

…He said his campaign listened to the concerns of youths, military veterans and the elderly.

“We were considered a fringe candidacy. Now who, who in America, the media said, could believe in a political revolution? Now, 10 months later, we have now won 10 primaries and caucuses, and unless I’m very mistaken we’re going to win a couple of more tonight,” Sanders said to cheers at the rally.

As of this report, Hillary Clinton won in Arizona. And while Idaho and Utah went to Bernie, I suspect that Democrats in these red states aren’t likely to swamp the GOP vote in November.

But to give Sanders his due, during the San Diego speech, he spoke about the terror attack in Brussels with some gravitas and sympathy.

Contrast this with President Obama, who gave the international-scale man-made disaster 51 seconds of time before heading off to a baseball game.

Some supporters of Donald Trump valiantly tried to engage the Sanders crowd with words…instead of endeavoring to block the roadways into the Convention Center.

Yes, they experienced all the peace, love and tolerance we have come to expect from progressives!

About 6 supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump held signs and engaged Sanders supporters in conversation at an area west of Embarcadero Marina Park.

They held signs that said “Make American Great Again” and “Bernie Likes Nickelback.”

Gaege Turnbow, 18, of Kensington, said the reactions ranged from respectful debate to people shouting obscenities at them.

“We’ve had several people accuse us of being KKK members,” said Trump supporter Michael Valley, 18, of El Cajon.

Turnbow said they disagreed with Sanders’ economic policy.

“Nothing is for free. His plans aren’t feasible,” he said.

No, his plans aren’t feasible…even the ones for obtaining the nomination.

This California Democrat plans to write-in Donald Trump during the June primary, in protest for the shameful way Bernie Sanders supporters and progressive activists have behaved in blocking those who want to hear the pugnacious GOP candidate for themselves.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the type of treatment Trump rally-goers can anticipate in future events.

But I sure hope Sanders enjoyed his stay in “America’s Finest City.”


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Char Char Binks | March 23, 2016 at 10:35 am

Stay classy, San Diego!

Officer Tatum speaks the truth. ‘The violence is coming from the protestors.’ We need to keep saying that over and over. And I’m not a Trump fan.