While looking though the history of Tea Party posts at Legal Insurrection, I saw this post from April 2011, Sound the Trumpet:

There’s not much I can add to Mark Levin’s explanation of why Donald Trump does not represent the conservative or Tea Party movements.  He wasn’t there when we needed him, and he helped those who were against us.

That was at a time Trump was considering running for President in the 2012 cycle. I made the point then, as I do now, that Trump is not a conservative or a smaller-government individual liberty person. He’s a big government nationalist.

My point with any big government person, be it Trump, Obama or Hillary, is that once you give them the power, it’s hard to get it back and you lose control over your own lives. You end up putting your faith that they will not abuse that power. If that’s what you want, so be it.

The link in the quote is to a post at The Right Scoop, which had an embedded audio, Levin Rips Donald Trump to Shreds:

Levin points out many things about Trump that show he is no conservative, but a few of the glaring ones are the fact that he support Charlie Crist over Marco Rubio twice, as well as calling for the impeachment of George W. Bush, accusing him of lying to get us in the war. Oh yeah, and he supported Universal Health Care in America, the Canadian style.

And there’s more. This is a must listen.

TRS kindly provided the audio clip, which I’ve uploaded to YouTube.

Listen, carefully. It’s not anything you haven’t heard recently, but keep in mind this was contemporaneous criticism 5 years ago.

[Featured Image: Donald Trump April 2011, Las Vegas]


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