Amanda Carpenter, former aide to Jim DeMint and Ted Cruz, was one of five women whose barely pixelated images were published by the National Enquirer as allegedly having affairs with Ted Cruz.

Since then, Carpenter has been subjected to a truly insane, vicious Twitter smear campaign attacking her and her family. People have created fake social media accounts in her name and that of her husband.

I’m not going to spread the garbage being spewed against her by Trump supporters, but it fairly is characterized as deliberately deceptive attempts to piece together her Twitter and Instagram photos along with images and video of Cruz in an attempt to “prove” the affair. The claim in a widely shared video compilation purports to show Carpenter wearing Cruz’s suit jacket at a time when Cruz appeared on TV without a jacket — something Carpenter mocked herself in response:

Trump’s campaign social media director, Dan Scavino, has shared the disreputable video:

The campaign by Trump supporters against Carpenter has been particularly vicious and widespread, no doubt because she is anti-Trump and published a list of politicians she believes sold out conservatism by backing Trump. Nonetheless, the attacks on her have not been political, but very personal, with overt sexual accusations.

Trump supporters with large Twitter followings also are spreading a short, 20-second clip from the interview below purporting to show Carpenter refusing to deny the allegations. In fact, she has been on record for days denying the allegations, and does so unequivocally in this interview with Jake Tapper.

Nothing surprises me anymore on the internet. Candidates, and sometimes their families, are treated like garbage — and that has been directed at Trump and his family as well.

But the Carpenter case is at a whole other level because she’s not a candidate, just someone whose life and reputation were put at jeopardy by the National Enquirer and Trump supporters.


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