It’s something of a sideshow, but nonetheless interesting. has been all over Marco Rubio for months over the Gang of 8 and immigration in general. I don’t think Rubio has responded directly before, or if he did, it was the usual type of campaign responses to media.

But last night, on the eve of the South Carolina primary, Breitbart ran a headline story about ICE officers calling out Rubio for dishonesty and betrayal. It got a Drudge Banner link (image via Jim Hoft):

Rubio Breitbart ICE Officers Drudge Headline

When Rubio was asked about it on Fox News, he lashed out at Breitbart:

I understand that he wanted to address the substance of the allegations and that they are made by a union official. Also, I understand that he thinks the coverage is biased against him (that’s a whole other debate which has been going on for a while).

I’m not sure how this helps Rubio, though.


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