I don’t know that this comes close to the various Obama anthems from 2008, but it’s a start.

There’s a new video anthem for Bernie Sanders, produced by the woman who produced the viral Obama Girl video. The anthem title is “Bernie Bae” (Bae is slang for Before Anyone Else).

Time Magazine (which apparently still exists) reports:

The woman who brought us the mega-viral hit “Crush On Obama” is back with another political pop song just begging to go viral. This one is about Bernie Sanders. It’s called “Bernie Bae.”

The production values in this music video are much higher this time around—and we have to admit, the song is quite catchy.

The song is all about the feelings of excitement and idealism Sanders is inspiring in so many young people: “I was feeling so hopeless/ And so cynical/ Now you’ve got me focused/ Bernie you’re a miracle.”

The key phrase repeated over and over is “Talk Bernie to Me.”

My favorite line: “You’re much more than a human Birkenstock.” (I’m not so sure about that.)

I don’t see Bernie Bae catching on.

Maybe the production quality is too good, maybe it’s the product.

Liberal America will never get over its first true love.