Logically, Donald Trump should be the worst candidate against the Hillary machine.

He has a colorful history that would be an oppo-researcher’s dream.  Like taking candy from a baby.

And his negatives are in the stratosphere. Gallup just released a survey showing that Trump’s negatives not only are high, they are of a historic nature:

At this point (two-week average through Jan. 27), 33% of Americans view Trump favorably and 60% unfavorably. It’s that 60% unfavorable figure that I can focus on here.

Hillary Clinton currently has a 52% unfavorable rating among all Americans, while Jeb Bush is at 45%, Chris Christie 38%, Ted Cruz 37%, Marco Rubio 33%, Bernie Sanders 31% and Ben Carson 30%. Trump’s 60% is clearly well above all of these. Putting his favorable and unfavorable ratings together yields a net favorable of -27 for Trump, far above the -10 for Clinton and for Bush, the next lowest among the major candidates….

Looking across all of these candidates’ unfavorable ratings outside of election years yields this conclusion: Only one of them, George W. Bush, ever had an unfavorable rating of 60% or higher. For Bush, his unpopularity crested in his final lame-duck year in office, with an unfavorable rating that hit 66% in April 2008.

In the RCP average Trump trails Hillary by 2.7% in a head-to-head match up, while Rubio is up 2.5% and Cruz is up 1.3%.

Yet, it seems that notwithstanding the Dem spin that they fear Rubio the most, the Clinton War Room is preparing for Trump, and is confounded.

Politico reports, How Clinton is plotting to go after Trump:

After months of laughing off Trump — and assuming his ascent would propel the Republican Party to a 1964-style wipeout — her campaign and its allies have begun to steer time and resources into framing lines of attack against the blustery billionaire, even if there’s still considerable confusion over how to attack 2016’s top-of-the-food-chain predator.

“There’s plenty of material out there,” said longtime Clinton confidant James Carville. “We just have to figure it all out.”

The attack will be led by David Brock’s various hideous operations, and the plan is to turn Trump into Mitt Romney through a “Bain” model — a heartless businessman who left shattered lives for his own greed, but not all Clinton warriors think it will work.

Not everyone agrees that Bain-style attacks will dent Trump: One former Obama campaign and White House adviser said that Romney was wounded by the attacks on his business practices because it contradicted his compassionate-conservative pitch to swing voters. “We nailed it because it nailed Mitt on his motivation: He wasn’t this nice guy he claimed to be,” the former staffer said. “Trump never claimed to be nice. … No, the way to attack him is on temperament — a guy like this just isn’t fit to be president.” ….

Trump has confused pundits, reporters, political professionals, his opponents, and not least Clinton and her army of operatives. “The truth is we are as puzzled by this as everybody else, and have no idea what the hell is going to happen with him,” the Clinton insider said. “[Democrats] knew what they were getting in 2008 with McCain; they knew early in 2012 they’d be getting Romney. You could plan for those guys. You can’t really plan for Trump yet because he’s so unpredictable.”

While Rubio and Cruz are the logical candidates to take on Hillary, they are more predictable and hence easier for the Clinton War Machine to deal with. Because he would fight just as dirty at they do:

But Trump’s rising appeal with white, working-class voters and his willingness to bring up the ugliest Clinton scandals of the 1990s have unnerved the former first family, according to people in their orbit.

A Clinton-Trump contest would feature two candidates with disapproval ratings traditionally deemed too high for national electoral success: Clinton’s disapprovals hover around the 50 percent range, while Trump’s have rocketed as high as 60 percent, an unprecedented number that should preclude the possibility of his winning a general election.

But attacking him is tougher than it seems, mainly because he is so comfortable throwing a sucker punch and the Clintons aren’t. And he’s already signaled that he would stop at nothing if he faces off against the former secretary of state and her husband….

When NBC’s Chuck Todd asked Trump how he would respond if the Clintons attacked him, he suggested he’d delve more deeply into their personal history.
“Well, I don’t want to say it’s a threat. But it is a threat,” he said on “Meet the Press.”

No matter what the RCP averages say at this early stage, Hillary will be tough to beat (assuming the email scandal doesn’t take her down). She, her hubby and cronies like John Podesta, James Carville and David Brock are as sleazy and nasty as they come. And they will have the full backing of the mainstream and left-wing media, regardless of who the Republican nominee is.

Trump represents a 200 pound middle finger pointed directly at Hillary Clinton and her attack dogs.

My head is telling me one thing on this, my gut is telling me something different.


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