In all the news noise over the Iowa caucuses, a decision by the Illinois Board of Elections passed almost entirely under the radar.

There was much hoopla when two voters filed a challenge to Ted Cruz appearing on the ballot because Cruz allegedly was not a “natural born Citizen” and ineligible. (My research and conclusions on the subject are here.)

I have not been able to find the actual decision, but Huffington Post reports:

Two objectors, Lawrence Joyce and William Graham, had challenged Cruz’s presidential bid with the board, contending that his name should not appear on the March 15 ballot because his candidacy did not comply with Article II of the Constitution.

Adopting the recommendations of a hearing officer who considered the matter last week, the board of elections on Monday rejected both objections, ruled Cruz eligible and ordered that his name be certified for the election.

“The Candidate is a natural born citizen by virtue of being born in Canada to his mother who was a U.S. citizen at the time of his birth,” the board said, reasoning that Cruz met the criteria because he “did not have to take any steps or go through a naturalization process at some point after birth.”

The lawyers also pointed to the valid candidacies of two former Republican hopefuls, Sen. John McCain of Arizona and former Michigan Gov. George Romney, as examples of presidential runs that received the blessing of Congress, courts and other means to proceed, despite the fact that both men were born abroad and raised eligibility questions.

These and other sources of authority, the lawyers said, “all command the same conclusion” that Cruz complies with the “natural born” requirement.

It’s unclear if this is the end of the challenge. Some reports indicate the challengers are not planning to go to court, but this local news report indicates it’s uncertain:

William K. Graham of Glen Ellyn said late Tuesday night there’s “no decision yet,” but he’s considering a court challenge since Cruz was born in Canada.

Another Illinoisan who filed an objection with the board of elections is Lawrence Joyce. He tells News 3 he doesn’t have the legal expertise or resources to go to court after the state board ruled against his challenge. But he doesn’t think board members in Chicago and Springfield, who were linked via video conference during a hearing on the issue, seriously considered the legal arguments against Cruz.

“I paused after each time that I spoke,” said Joyce. “Nobody at either site on the board had any comment to make or asked any question.”

WSIL-TV 3 Southern Illinois

The Washington Examiner reports that a New Hampshire panel reached a similar conclusion:

A ballot commission in New Hampshire also ruled in favor of Cruz in January, but the language in Monday’s decision by the Illinois board took a stronger tone than the previous ruling, warning other skeptics, “Further discussion on this issue is unnecessary.”


I’m not. It’s all about demagoguery, and Demagogue in Chief Ann Coulter is still at it:

Expect Trump to resume the attack on Cruz over eligibility.

When he’s not demanding a do-over in Iowa: