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Get your free Bernie Sanders tattoo!

Get your free Bernie Sanders tattoo!

You too can feel the bern… forever

Do you believe a wild-haired socialist is our only hope for a better America? Would you like a permanent reminder of the 2016 dumpster fire of an election cycle? Then this little ink shop in Vermont has got you covered. You too can be like dozens of others who have opted to feel the bern forever.

According to The Observer:

So far, Ms. Duvernay and his co-workers have given about 60 free tattoos of the senator in his two shops, which are located in the capital city of Montpelier and Winooski, a city in northern Vermont. He says more people are coming in for the tattoos every day and that there’s no plan to stop anytime soon.

“As long as he’s running, we’re willing to do it to help the cause,” Mr. Duvernay said. “Hopefully it will spread and others will join in as well.”

In this short time, that has in fact happened already. Other tattoo shops in various parts of the country have joined Aartistic Inc and began offering the same design free of charge.

“We had shops in Wisconsin, Arkansas Texas and Georgia call,” Mr. Duvernay said. “It’s weird. They asked my permission as if I have some sort of right to it.”

Mr. Duvernay added that he is definitely voting for Sen. Sanders. “It’s the only logical choice,” he said.

The finished product:

She seems sweet:


Posted by Aartistic Inc on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Bernie not your thing? No problem. Hop on over to New Hampshire for your free Donald Trump tattoo.

No ragrets!


[Feature image via Aartistic Inc.]

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More living proof that stupid is not skin deep.

legacyrepublican | February 8, 2016 at 11:08 am

It would be more accurate if it was done in red ink.

People lose their minds over elections.

When I was in law school, there was an election for office in a popular and effective student group. Both sides got into it with zest. Dirty tricks abounded. Suddenly, nobody had any qualms about unethical behavior. I had a ringside seat to both sides. It was both sides. It made me wonder what they would do about something that mattered.

Back then, I would say a little prayer, “Please God, don’t ever confront me with a situation where I so completely lose my objectivity and good judgment.”

If you’re getting a free T-rump tattoo, it should be the “Hooting Monkey” one…

I asked my mother who barely escaped from Vietnam in the 70s who Bernie reminds her of.

Her answer, “A drifter who never held a steady private-sector job. A champion of imaginary problems. A white version of Ho Chi Minh.

Oversoul Of Dusk | February 8, 2016 at 12:29 pm

I wonder if the retail value of the tattoo counts as an in-kind contribution to the campaign.

Is it legal for a printing shop to produce and distribute hundreds of “vote for Bernie” signs with the firm’s money? Would it be a reportable contribution? What if it’s Bernie’s picture, but his name isn’t shown?

Are the election laws the same whether you’re printing on cardboard or printing on skin?

    No, it’s not a contraibution to the campaign, it’s an independent expenditure, which means it’s absolutely protected by the first amendment, at least as long as a Democrat (or Trump, but I repeat myself) doesn’t get to make the next three appointments.

Free tatoos? Ooooh, how terribly socialist!

At least most of them seem to be getting them in places where they won’t show during job interviews.

(Job interview? What’s that?)


The Bern twits I’ve been seeing are fervent enough to get these. The same mindless bots who believe we should solve homelessness with income redistribution while at the same time absolutely ignore the causation from mental health and addiction. Zero awareness of how economics, evil, or even the human condition work in the real world.

These Bern fans seem to be a personality mesh of flesh eating Zombies in World War Z and crack heads.

Souvenirs of the Democrat’s Auschwitz.

To be sure socialism has left its mark wherever it has been. It is the mark of indentured servanthood.

Sanders is offering a labor system where people pay for their passage to Utopia by working for the government the rest of their lives.


So nice that the idiots are self-identifying.

Just more evidence that there should be an intelligence test to vote.