Do you believe a wild-haired socialist is our only hope for a better America? Would you like a permanent reminder of the 2016 dumpster fire of an election cycle? Then this little ink shop in Vermont has got you covered. You too can be like dozens of others who have opted to feel the bern forever.

According to The Observer:

So far, Ms. Duvernay and his co-workers have given about 60 free tattoos of the senator in his two shops, which are located in the capital city of Montpelier and Winooski, a city in northern Vermont. He says more people are coming in for the tattoos every day and that there’s no plan to stop anytime soon.

“As long as he’s running, we’re willing to do it to help the cause,” Mr. Duvernay said. “Hopefully it will spread and others will join in as well.”

In this short time, that has in fact happened already. Other tattoo shops in various parts of the country have joined Aartistic Inc and began offering the same design free of charge.

“We had shops in Wisconsin, Arkansas Texas and Georgia call,” Mr. Duvernay said. “It’s weird. They asked my permission as if I have some sort of right to it.”

Mr. Duvernay added that he is definitely voting for Sen. Sanders. “It’s the only logical choice,” he said.

The finished product:

Posted by Aartistic Inc on Monday, February 1, 2016

She seems sweet:


Posted by Aartistic Inc on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Bernie not your thing? No problem. Hop on over to New Hampshire for your free Donald Trump tattoo.

No ragrets!


[Feature image via Aartistic Inc.]

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