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First General Election Ad: Democrats are all Socialists now

First General Election Ad: Democrats are all Socialists now

Hillary has run left, and the general election ads will practically write themselves.

America Rising Squared has come out with what looks like the first general election ad targeting Democrats.

What the ad shows is that regardless of whether Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton is the Democrat nominee, Bernie’s Socialism will matter because Hillary has been forced to run left.

Will Democratic Socialism play well nationally in 2016 America?


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Wow! Two plus minutes of incoherent word salad aka The Democratic Socialist Part With Your Money Cuz Sweden is Utopia platform.

It’s time, right now, to raise the voting age to thirty, except for those serving in the armed forces.

“Global warming is directly correlated to terrorism”? Sad little man.

History clearly shows that socialism is directly correlated to tyranny a form of terrorism. But that history is not taught in college. Marx is taught.

And just because you vote for it the climate doesn’t change. Climate resists the tyranny of men.

This is only going to convince people who know what socialism is.

Seriously, our kiddies have been taught in school that socialism is ok and in their best interests.

    Sanddog in reply to Valerie. | February 11, 2016 at 3:33 pm

    There are tens of millions of potential voters who were born after or were very young when the cold war ended. They just don’t understand that socialism can only be imposed by force and there are no “natural rights”, only privileges that can be granted and taken away depending on the needs of the collective.

      Rick the Curmudgeon in reply to Sanddog. | February 11, 2016 at 8:18 pm

      Maybe the wheels will come completely off the Venezuelan government next fall, so as to be fresh in the minds of young voters.

      (“But they failed because the right people weren’t in charge!”) Again. Still.

I’ve been saying for a while now that all this talk about Bernie Sanders being easy to beat is wishful thinking. I said the same about Warren. If (and it’s looking more likely now) he’s nominated, he wins.

Hillary will be far easier for any of the remaining republicans to take down than Sanders will be. There’s *no* enthusiasm for her, but a LOT for the old communist.

I don’t think this ad works very well to be honest.

A whole generation has grown up after the Cold War, and knows nothing of Socialism. It’s treated by Hillary as a label or Brand.

Meanwhile, the other label or brand, “Conservatism” is almost toxic. It’s associated with political failures like John McCain, George Bush, Sarah Palin, or Mitt Romney. What the hell have the “conservatives” in Congress been doing the last 8 (really 14) years anyways?

Cue Mark Steyn:

“I live in northern New Hampshire, where every town that isn’t a ski resort is dead. They were pleasant, sleepy places in genteel decline 20 years ago. Now they’re hollowed out by heroin and meth, and offering no economic opportunity beyond casual shifts at the KwikkiKrap. And when you listen to the Dems they’re worried about micro-aggressions and transphobia and when you listen to Congressional Republicans they’re talking about the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The two-party one-party state has nothing to say to tens of millions of Americans.”

You can’t win arguments or elections merely with name calling or branding, not in the long term anyways. You have to show your principles, and fight for those Priciples. And you have to fight to defend your allies.

Over in the Trumposhere on Twitter, they are talking about a dude at St. John’s University who posted “if I get 7k retweets, I will bash this girls computer,” during class. (The computer had a Make America Great Again sticker, and the guy assaulted the girl after class). Online lynch mobs are usually a thing of the left, so it was nice to see people fighting on the other side for once in my life.

If Trump put that girl on stage at one of his events to tell her story, he will get an outright majority of S.Carolina voters. (she’s really cute, the dude who assaulted her looks like a thug).

Over here on LI, posters say Trump isn’t conservative. He’s conservative on Taxes, guns, immigration, the military, Common core, abortion… And he and his supporters are actually fighters. That’s pretty good.

People who won’t make the case for conservatism really shouldn’t use the label.

    Ragspierre in reply to rotten. | February 11, 2016 at 2:20 pm

    “Over here on LI, posters say Trump isn’t conservative.”

    Over here, posters cite to T-rump saying he is EVERYTHING BUT a “conservative”. In his own words. Plus his own DEEDS.

    All of his life, AND now.

    You’re an idiot.

    “He’s conservative on Taxes, guns, immigration, the military, Common core, abortion… And he and his supporters are actually fighters. That’s pretty good.”

    Was he conservative when he tried to rob Vera Coking of her property? Was he conservative when he donated consistently to the Clintons and Democrats knowing full well their agenda to nationalize healthcare, raise taxes, anti-Israel, anti 2nd Amdt, pro-Common Core stance?

    Radegunda in reply to rotten. | February 11, 2016 at 3:35 pm

    Trump decided to pose as a conservative because he thought the GOP ticket would be his best chance to be president. But he keeps revealing that his conservatism is rather thin.

    He still lets slip that he likes single-payer health care. He said it’s wrong to try restructuring Medicare and Social Security — the main drivers of the debt.

    Not long ago, he said that illegals should get citizenship. Before that, he called Romney too harsh on immigration issues. He called Pamela Geller “terrible” for “offending” Muslims.

    When Tea Party candidates were campaigning around the country, Trump was helping Harry Reid get re-elected.

    When Scott Walker was actually taking on the Democrat machine in a courageous and effective way, Trump was still muddled in his political views — beyond his support of anyone he thought might help enrich him.

    And you’d think an actual conservative might have voted in a Republican primary at least once — at least to try prodding the GOP in the conservative direction that Trump fans imagine he favors. Evidently Trump never did, until he was on the ticket.

    Trump’s conservatism, when you dig a little, appears to be all about Trump.

    ConradCA in reply to rotten. | February 12, 2016 at 9:47 pm

    I heard that he wants to deport the illegals and let them comeback to live in the USA. Illegals should be banded from entry in the USA for life.

A NewsWeek cover from 2009 declared “We’re all Socialists Now.”

The trouble is far too many young adults growing up under pres. Lie All the Time believe it; embrace it. Proudly.

Womb to tomb is fine by many of themvas long as tgey gave a steady stream of pot, pr0n, and organically grown produce.

Liberty or death? Chill, man. Why so melodramatic, Herny, when we can stick it to rich old banksters?

Trump has been helping socialists get in power and stay in power for decades.

Trump thought Obama had a “deep understanding” of economics. Trump thought the trillion-dollar stimulus was a wise plan. Trump thought Lisa Jackson was wonderful. Trump thought Hillary Clinton would make a terrific president — until he decided he wanted to run against her.

If Trump is such a genius and understands economics so well, why has he done so much to promote and entrench socialism? Did he suddenly see the light at age 70?

legacyrepublican | February 11, 2016 at 3:40 pm

The DNC, chains you can believe in!

Trump says he’s going to be “changing rapidly.” He said: “I’m very capable of changing into whatever I want to change into.”

He’s shown that he can easily change from a Democrat to a Republican if it suits his present purposes. He can just as easily change back again once he gets what he wants from his semi-conservative pose.

For the kids wanting free “kolledge” break then into five person groups in each class (they don’t get to choose their work mates, all groups are assigned by the teacher/socialist leader) and then they all get the grade the group earns. Individual effort counts for zero points.
Making sure each group has at least two slackers or more.
Real world experience beats “feels” every day.

Heidi Cruz said Wednesday that her husband, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), was showing America “the face of the God that we serve”

WOW. This is scarry stuff. Cruz “all glory to god for this victory” The insane mormon Glenn Beck. And now we have Heidi Cruz the idol worshipper saying her idol Teddy is showing America “the face of the God that we serve”

I don’t know which is more frightening: They are saying these things because tbey are megalomaniacs thinking they are actual real life messengers that get instructions from god or they are the kind of people who would make up lies about this stuff just to try and manipulate people in their deepest feelings to try and win an election.

showing America “the face of the God that we serve”

That is pretty darn close to saying Cruz has god’s or Jesus’ face which is just another way of saying Cruz is god.

What if we elect this guy and he starts showing up at the whitehouse wearing sandals and a white cotton moo moo.


A person who thinks they are the annointed messenger of god.

Jim Jones, David Koresh, Ted Cruz

At least Jim Jones and David Koresh didn’t have the nuclear weapons launch codes.


The Democratic party is competing with capitalism so of course they use every trick in the book to attack businesses and make capitalism fail. That’s the whole point of the EPA and massive governmental regulations. That’s why the progressive fascists embrace Global Warming. These policies destroy whole industries creating millions of impoverished poor people who need government help. This is how the Democratic party recruits voters.

The Democrat Party effectively became a Marxist party with its nomination of Obama in 2008. The Republican Party, at the same time, became the handmaiden of the Democratic Marxist Party.