Senator Cruz has requested the resignation of Rick Tyler, the campaign’s Communication’s Director.

Politico reports:

Ted Cruz’s campaign on Monday apologized to Marco Rubio for publicizing a story misstating the Florida senator’s remarks to a Cruz staffer in South Carolina.

Rubio ran into Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz, and a staffer in South Carolina on Saturday at a Hampton Inn. According to the Daily Pennsylvanian, which posted the video, the blog also had staffers present during the encounter.

The website reported that Rubio suggested that the Bible did “[n]ot have many answers in it.”

Cruz communications director Rick Tyler posted the story on Facebook but later deleted it and apologized after a Cruz staffer said Rubio didn’t make any such comment.

“I want to apologize to Senator Marco Rubio for posting an inaccurate story about him here earlier today,” Tyler said. “The story showed a video of the Senator walking past a Ted Cruz staffer seated in the lobby of a hotel reading his Bible. The story misquoted a remark the Senator made to the staffer. I assumed wrongly that the story was correct. According to the Cruz staffer, the Senator made a friendly and appropriate remark.”

Tyler’s entire apology is here:

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 2.47.33 PM

Even Cruz-loyalist Erick Erickson was less than thrilled. He tweeted:

Legal Insurrection Contributor, Sarah Rumpf, covered the brouhaha at Independent Journal Review in great detail if you’re looking for a comprehensive read on BibleGate.

Canning Tyler gives the Cruz campaign an opportunity to “start fresh” amid complaints of an increasingly dishonest campaign.

As I’ve said before, politics is a blood sport. Fight dirty? Fine. But it’s wise to ensure the mud you’re slinging sticks. If you have to apologize, you’ve lost.

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