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Bernie Sanders Insists His Socialist Proposals Are Viable

Bernie Sanders Insists His Socialist Proposals Are Viable

Democrat economists disagree.

Early this week, while most people were focusing on the Nevada GOP caucus, CNN held another Democratic Party town hall event. When Bernie Sanders was confronted about the viability of his proposals, he got a little cranky.

Jack Heretik reports at the Washington Free Beacon:

Bernie Sanders Tries To Defend Viability Of His Socialist Proposals

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) dismissed criticism of his socialist economic proposals as coming from Hillary Clinton’s campaign during CNN’s Democratic Town Hall Tuesday night.

“As you’re aware, four former chairs of the White House Council of Economic Advisors, all appointed by Democrats by the way, say there’s no credible economic research that supports the positive impacts that you’re touting,” host Chris Cuomo said. “One of them goes as far to say that it’s like, ‘Magic flying puppies with winning lotto tickets tied to their collars.’”

“Let me guess, those economists were organized by the Clinton campaign? A wild and crazy guess,” Sanders said.

“No. They weren’t–” Cuomo said.

“Well, we have well over a hundred, I think it’s 130 economists and health care experts who will say exactly the same. Look Chris, you have enough experience to know, you can go to an economist, this one will say this, we got economists that say ‘Hey, what this country needs are more tax breaks for billionaires, et cetera, et cetera’.” Sanders said. “Economists have different points of view. But we have documented how we pay.”

Here’s the video:

The report Chris Cuomo is referring to appeared at The Hill last week:

Sanders’s economic math doesn’t add up, say former White House economists

A group of former economic advisers to Presidents Obama and Clinton are taking Bernie Sanders to task, arguing his economic math doesn’t add up.

Four former heads of the Council of Economic Advisers posted an open letter online Wednesday, arguing that the Democratic presidential candidate is relying on claims for his economic plans that cannot be backed up with evidence.

And as long as the campaign makes such claims, they argue, it undermines Democrats hoping to make a more realistic economic case.

“These claims undermine the credibility of the progressive economic agenda and make it that much more difficult to challenge the unrealistic claims made by Republican candidates,” they wrote.

When even Democrats say your plan doesn’t add up…

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Memo for Bernie Sanders: When even Paul Krugman–let that sink in for a moment–thinks your economic ideas are nuts, you’re in trouble.

    Same Same in reply to MarkJ. | February 26, 2016 at 10:49 am

    Interesting side note – Krugman’s endorsement this cycle is Trump.

      Wow, add to that David Duke’s endorsement of Trump, and we have a more clear picture of Trump’s base. It makes me sad for America.

        Not when you look at what the Democrat alternatives are. Both Duke and Krugman are endorsing the future Republican candidate against the future Democrat candidate. Neither consider Rubio or Cruz as a possible alternative just based on the delegate count to date. I suspect that they would change their endorsements if, say, Biden or Warren, ended up as the eventual candidate instead of Shillery.

Collectivists…ALL of them…live in a world of delusions.

It is a very dangerous world, because we know that reality BITES.


Sure they failed everywhere they’ve been tried, but he’s really, really, going to try.

And Trump fans insist that Trump’s campaign promises are 100% reliable. Sanity appears to be losing in this election.

Easy for him to say. He’ll be dead before the consequences of his socialism manifest.

Just because every dollar he wants to tax he plans on spending ten times, doesn’t mean… Oh, wait. It does.

Not to worry! Robert Reich has come to the rescue of the bernie babies, and reassured them that unicorns do indeed fly whilst farting Skittles ~

As long as his supporters believe he can deliver, he’ll get votes. The fact that socialism fails every time doesn’t stop because there are always plenty of new idiots who want to give it a try.

    gulfbreeze in reply to showtime8. | February 26, 2016 at 3:46 pm

    It’s as easy to get college students to believe in socialism, as it is to get 5 year-olds to believe in Santa Claus.

    Oh wait…those are the same things, except socialism brings you free stuff every day.

I think this is the side effect of most millenials not being alive during the Cold war. They don’t even connect USSR and the fallout of their demise to reality because they didn’t see it.

Mister Natural | February 27, 2016 at 2:37 am

but it works so well in venezuela.
Oh, wait…….!