FOX News is running a special program this weekend called Voter Revolt which focuses on the rejection of establishment politicians in the 2016 election.

Bret Baier hosts and covers both sides of the race in the balanced style anyone who watches him on Special Report has come to expect.

The hour long program focuses on Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders supporters but also speaks to Cruz supporters and Clinton supporters as well as providing some background on the factors which have brought us to this point.

The FOX News Insider has more:

Pro-Trump Tattoo Artist: ‘I Never Voted in My Life Until Now’

A real estate billionaire/reality TV star and a 74-year-old socialist scored huge victories in the New Hampshire primaries this week.

So what’s driving the support for these unlikely contenders in the 2016 presidential race?

Bret Baier will get to the bottom of that in a new Fox News Reporting special: “Voter Revolt,” talking to Americans who are moving away from traditional politicians.

For instance, this New Hampshire tattoo artist who is offering free Trump tattoos…

Here’s a video sample:

I watched the show last night and found it impressive.

If you missed it, it’s going to air again on Saturday and Sunday night at 8 pm ET.

Featured image is a screen cap from the FOX News Insider.