Earlier today, the Washington Post compared Hillary’s poll numbers from her presidential run in 2008 to data from the current election.

The results? Bad news for Mrs. Clinton and her supporters.

Philip Bump writes at WaPo:

If we compare where Clinton is now in the Real Clear Politics polling average, the 2016 picture and the 2008 picture aren’t really all that similar. Nationally, she was doing much better in 2008 than she is right now, perhaps in part because the anti-Clinton vote in 2008 was still split between two people — Barack Obama and John Edwards — instead of just one. But that recent trend line, a function of two new national polls that were close after a bit of a lull, is not very good news.

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In 2008, Hillary was still flying high at this stage of the game:

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 6.35.22 PM

But, when your actions lead to Congressional investigations that lead to FBI investigations which grow to include your family’s non-profit, and you struggle to connect with your hallmark demographic, there is the potential to your campaign will suffer.

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