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Rubio: Illegals Can Stay If They Are (Mostly) Law-Abiding

Rubio: Illegals Can Stay If They Are (Mostly) Law-Abiding

“If you’re a criminal alien, no, you can’t stay.”

Marco Rubio has taken a lot of heat for his work with Chuck Schumer and the Gang of Eight, so it’s a bit surprising that only this morning he’s arguing that illegal aliens can stay in the U.S. as long as they are not felons, specifically excluding the violation of our immigration laws.

Politico reports:

Sen. Marco Rubio says people who immigrated to the U.S. illegally but haven’t committed any major crimes could be allowed to stay.

In an interview airing Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” the Florida contender for the Republican presidential nomination said felons shouldn’t be allowed to stay, but those who commit lesser crimes could still qualify. In this interview, he didn’t specify whether those allowed to stay would ever be able to become citizens.

“If you’re a criminal alien, no, you can’t stay. If you’re someone that hasn’t been here for a very long time, you can’t stay,” he said. “I don’t think you’re gonna round up and deport 12 million people.”

The DC Caller has more:

Todd then asked Rubio, “Let me ask you on the 11 million [illegal immigrants already in America], are you still for finding a way for them to legally stay in the United States?”

“Yeah, look, if you’re a criminal alien, no, you can’t stay. If you’re someone that hasn’t been here for a very long time you can’t stay. I do believe we have to have a reasonable solution,” Rubio claimed.

When asked to “define “criminal alien,” Rubio said, “A felon, someone who commits a non-immigration related [crime]” ceding to Todd that the illegal immigrant committed a felony to enter the United States illegally. Rubio said that a crime “other than the immigration law” would be grounds for deportation.


As he goes on to explain, he is standing by his new position that in light of recent facts regarding ISIS and the general mistrust of government among Americans, he believes that the border must be closed and good faith shown before further action can be taken.

Rubio posted a short video on Twitter explaining his new stance on illegal immigration.


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Mostly law-abiding? But they broke the law by entering the country illegally.

Marco Rubio is dead to me. He threw away his career when he supported amnesty. Such a shame as he had a bright future. But it’s all over now.

And just like that, Rubio’s campaign ends.

The sole reason freaking Trump is in first place is because of his promise to STOP illegal immigration.

And now Rubio proves conclusively that his Gang of Eight shenanigans wasn’t a mistake, and that he is all for amnesty and further illegal immigration.

Seriously. I knew he was a poor candidate, but I didn’t know he was THIS stupid.

    Yep. It is difficult to see any logical reason why he would this? If we assume he sees no path to the nomination, how does this help him for a VP slot?? Whose VP slot??

    Does he think this will help him beat Cruz? Why would he think that?

    This confirms what everyone believes about him already so maybe downside is limited but what does he think is the upside?

Um… Sen. Rubio, they have committed a crime by being here illegally.

Apparently, that is where we differ in opinion.

Along with whether you should be President.

He must have illegal alien relatives here in the US.

Well, he can bend over and kiss his candidacy good-bye. In fairness, he did say the border has to be closed.

But the part about people illegally here being allowed to stay…that was a killer.

Between Rubio and any Democrat, Rubio….while squinting, holding my nose, swearing….we can NOT have a Democrat….

411 on the street is Rubio is going to ask Bush to be his VP!
What a dream ticket 🙂

Well, as long as aliens only grope women, in groups smaller than 100 men, I guess that’s OK. Oh, come to think of it, maybe a rape now and then would be OK, but not TOO many. Marco and Hillarity could haggle the fondle levels, and then we can vote on it. I love it.

Nail meet coffin.

Please do not vote for this man.

Why be so cryptic? Why not just say, “I’m ending my campaign for the Presidency of the United States”?

Gee, if all these, er, folks in this comment section hate him so much, Rubio deserves another look.

Nice to get confirmation that there’s been no mistake.

No Rubio, no way.

“Illegal non-criminal” is a collossally stupid oxymoron and the nail in Rubio’s nomination hopes. We may now describe the man as an “honest liar”.

All former Rubio supporters, WELCOME to Cruz or Trump for President 2016.

Take your pick, the rest of the field is all rotting Amnesty clowns.

The Rubio swindlers and hustlers are now openly exposed, OKaye ? OKaye?

All right you criminal aliens. Line up over here and sign in.

And though I wish someone would you can’t take Obamacare with you when you leave.

Rubio announcing he is now toast!

Politics as usual – no concern for what citizens want, only ass-kissing certain demographics.

He’s got something brown on his nose. The guy needs to simply drop out. He cannot support the constitution or the law he should do something else. Go be a lobbyist. At least he’ll get paid directly from his ‘Johns’.

Are you kidding? IMO he just won the election.
That ad……..