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Pelosi Sort of Endorses Hillary While Slamming Bernie’s Tax Increases

Pelosi Sort of Endorses Hillary While Slamming Bernie’s Tax Increases

“We’re not running on a platform of tax increases” or on single-payer

In the wake of the news that Bernie Sanders’ “free stuff for everyone” proposals will cost taxpayers $19.6 trillion in new taxes, Nancy Pelosi is distancing Democrats from his massive tax increases.

The Hill reports:

Democrats are not on board with the tax hikes Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has proposed to pay for his single-payer healthcare proposal, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Wednesday.

“We’re not running on any platform of raising taxes,” Pelosi said during a press briefing to launch the Democrats’ yearly issues conference in Baltimore, Md. “We do want to have a fairer tax system, and … we hope that we can do that this year.”

With all the tax increases buried in ObamaCare, we know that Pelosi—who famously referred to the  massive health insurance debacle as a “Christmas present to the American people”—is not averse to new taxes . . . she just doesn’t like to “run” on them (or let taxpayers know they are coming).  Bernie, to his credit, is not so sneaky about bilking taxpayers of money we don’t really have.

The Hill continues:

Sanders on Monday acknowledged that his “Medicare-for-all” healthcare plan would require tax hikes on the middle class.

“We will raise taxes, yes we will,” Sanders said during a Democratic town hall in Des Moines, Iowa.

The Vermont senator, who’s running neck and neck with front-runner Hillary Clinton in Iowa just days ahead of the state’s caucuses, emphasized that the individual savings achieved under his healthcare plan would offset the costs of the tax increase. He called critics of the strategy “disingenuous.”

Pelosi is taking her attacks on Bernie a step further and mocks his single-payer plan, and in doing so aligns herself with Hillary’s plan to “expand and improve” on ObamaCare as part of her protection of Obama’s—and Pelosi’s—legacy.

“He’s talking about a single-payer, and that’s not going to happen. I mean, does anybody in this room think that we’re going to be discussing a single-payer?” she asked. “I’ve been for single-payer for 30 years, and it is a very popular idea in our country. But we have made a decision about where we’re going on healthcare.”

Pelosi, who was a crucial force in ushering the Affordable Care Act through Congress in 2009 and 2010, said she’s “proud” of the achievement, citing the millions of uninsured Americans who have gained access to health coverage under the law.

“It has achieved the goal of affordable, quality, accessible healthcare for many millions more Americans. It is lowering the cost of healthcare in our country,” she said.

. . . . “Right now we’re proud of what we have,” she said, “and want to build upon that.”

Pelosi doesn’t officially endorse Hillary, but it’s quite clear whom she supports in the Democrat primary at least with regard to health care and (hidden) tax increases.


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Well, the coveted Pelosi endorsement locks up the key West Coast Plastic Surgeon vote.

    Hah, that’s funny! 🙂

    Fuzzy didn’t need to supply a video of Pelosi. It wouldn’t change things. Pelosi’s face is stuck in comic relief.

    FYI: Pelosi’s net worth = $100 Million Bern Through dollars.

Pelosi: “But we have made a decision about where we’re going on healthcare.” and it was done in a back room without all of the American people’s representatives involved so we could pull the chain on people’s lives to where we are going with their lives.

Of course she endorses Clinton: corrupt scum, thinks alike.

Hopefully, Polosi will be dragged down to the deep as well by the cement buckets on Clinton’s feet.