Ted Cruz’s video ad, Invasion, is getting a lot of attention for the scenes of suits running across the border.

But it’s not the key moment in the video.

That key moment comes when the screen splits to view Marco Rubio next to Cruz, with a cotton-mouth expression on his face as Cruz slams the economic impact of illegal immigration:

Marco Rubio Ted Cruz Invasion Video

Just after that comes the “Trust Ted” logo:

TrustTed Cruz Invasion Video

This ad focuses on Rubio’s biggest problem among conservatives. A lack of trust on the immigration issue.

Cruz is smart to focus on it in a subtle way that is a dog-whistle to so many, including I suspect many Legal Insurrection readers.

Rubio’s name never is mentioned. It doesn’t need to be. Unlike the ineffectual blunderbuss Jeb SuperPAC ads attacking Rubio, Cruz exploits an important and existing weakness.

Here’s the full ad.


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