Following reports of increasing sexual violence and general law breaking throughout Europe, including particularly in Germany, EU leaders double-down on their delusional thinking.  Apparently, they are insisting that the increased crime and sexual assaults are not linked to the Middle Eastern refugee influx.

The Telegraph reports:

The sex attacks that took place in Cologne on New Year’s Eve were simply a “matter of public order” and had nothing to do with the refugee crisis, Jean-Claude Juncker’s inner circle believe.

The European Commission will be the “voice of reason” and tell the public that there is no link between the migration crisis affecting the continent and attacks on women in Germany, internal minutes disclose, amid growing concerns at a “xenophobic” backlash.

Apparently, public safety is not high on their list of priorities; instead, they are focused on trying to manage and manipulate the public’s perceptions.  Indeed, according to The Daily Mail, the EU  leaders want to “unconditionally reject” the link between the Cologne sexual assaults and the migrant crisis.

The Telegraph continues:

The minutes of the European Commission’s weekly cabinet meeting from January 13 hint at officials’ fears that the events in Cologne could turn public opinion sharply against the million migrants who have entered Europe.

They spell out Mr Juncker’s frustration at the inaction of national governments under pressure from voters, and a suggest sense of panic that the inability to halt a growing volume of economic migrants could undermine the “credibility” of the European project.

The public, apparently, should not believe their lying eyes and should instead believe the EU Commission’s insistence that what is happening is not happening.

Add to this their admission that the majority of refugees are not even seeking political asylum (as was originally put forward as the humanitarian crisis that Europe must correct by accepting millions of refugees) but are fleeing for (supposedly) economic reasons, and the EU Commission’s statement seems still more disconnected from reality.

The minutes document a presentation from Frans Timmermans, the first vice president of the European Commission and Mr Juncker’s trusted deputy.

“He also observed that the flow of migrants at EU borders was not slowing down and estimates suggested that only about 40 per cent of them, mostly Syrians, were fleeing war and therefore in need of international protection; meanwhile more and more third country nationals were slipping in who were driven by mainly economic reasons and did not qualify for such protection.”

During the discussion that followed, Mr Juncker’s team stressed “the importance of the Commission’s continuing to play its coordinating role and sounding the voice of reason to defuse tensions and counter populist rhetoric.”

They called for “the unconditional rejection of false associations between certain criminal acts, such as the attacks on women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, and the mass influx of refugees.”

At the same time, they agreed that they must “respond to the concerns of European citizens, particularly by stressing that Europe was also a union of security and values.”

The violent sexual assaults and increased crime have nothing to do with the massive influx of refugees, but . . . hey, let’s teach them about our values just for fun?

Bizarre double-speak even from this group.  The EU, like Angela Merkel (and Loretta Lynch, for that matter), is more concerned about the possible negative reactions of their own people than about rampant crime sprees by refugees that spark realistic and natural concerns.

It makes no sense.


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