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Are You Ready for Supreme Court Justice Obama?

Are You Ready for Supreme Court Justice Obama?

Hillary Clinton thinks it’s a great idea.

At a town hall event in Iowa this week, Hillary Clinton was asked by a supporter if she would consider appointing Barack Obama to the U.S. Supreme Court if she becomes president.

She thought it was a great idea. ABC News reports:

Hillary Clinton Would Consider Appointing President Obama to Supreme Court

A second Clinton administration could mean a future Justice Barack Obama.

At a campaign event in Deocorah, Iowa on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton lit up when a voter asked her if she would consider appointing the president to the Supreme Court should she win the White House.

“Wow, what a great idea. No one has ever suggested that to me, I love that, wow,” the Democratic presidential candidate responded. “He may have a few other things to do but I tell you that’s a great idea.”

Clinton went on to talk about how the next president could have to appoint up to three Supreme Court justices, but she then circled back.

“I would certainly take that under advisement,” she told the crowd of 450 people inside a ballroom at the Winn Hotel about a potential Justice Obama. “I mean he’s brilliant, and he can set forth an argument, and he was a law professor, so he’s got all the credentials.”

“Now we do have to get a Democratic Senate to get him confirmed so you’re going to have to help me on that, OK?” she added.

In 2014, in an interview with the New Yorker, President Obama seemed unsure when asked whether he would consider a position on the Supreme Court.

“I love the law, intellectually,” Obama said, “I love nutting out these problems, wrestling with these arguments. I love teaching. I miss the classroom and engaging with students. But I think being a Justice is a little bit too monastic for me.

Here’s the video:

According to Politico, the last president to join the Supreme Court was William Howard Taft.

Getting Obama approved would be trickier than it sounds.

Ben Kamisar of The Hill:

Obama graduated from Harvard Law, the alma mater of a majority of the sitting justices on the court, and served as the first black editor of the Harvard Law Review. There have been rumors of him teaching at Columbia Law School after he leaves office, but nothing has been confirmed.

Assuming the GOP maintains control of the Senate in 2016, an Obama nomination would be a tough sell in the Judiciary Committee. Sen. Ted Cruz, a Texas Republican and presidential hopeful, serves on the committee and would likely be a vocal impediment to that nomination. Other GOP members who have accused Obama of flouting the Constitution would be sure to protest as well.

Clinton commented that the next president could make anywhere from one to three Supreme Court appointments depending on when justices decide to retire.

“I think that the Supreme Court has been heading in the wrong direction,” Clinton said.

SCOTUS has approved gay marriage and Obamacare but she thinks it’s headed in the wrong direction? Oh right… Citizens United.


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Strawman legal arguments. Obama’s exceptional reasoning and persuasion skills. Rulings would take years to write and decades to understand.

UN Secretary General, SCOTUS justice, ???. One way or another Obama will be the most visible and voluble ex-president since Teddy Roosevelt. We will continue to be instructed for decades to come.

“Now we do have to get a Democratic Senate to get him confirmed so you’re going to have to help me on that, OK?” she added.

I see no indication a Republican Senate would fight his nomination.

I frankly doubt he’d take the job.

Supreme Court Justices actually have to work. Plus, his appalling lack of legal knowledge or understanding would make him a pariah even among the liberal justices. His ego could not tolerate that.

If it ever happened, though, it would supercharge the movement to make the Supremes face the people.

    The robe would however but a great way to hide his mom-jeans and 12-year-old-piano-player-girl wrists.

    Observer in reply to Ragspierre. | January 27, 2016 at 9:12 am

    One of Obama’s law school professors, may have been Larry Tribe, was quoted a couple of weeks ago talking about how Obama and Cruz differed as students. He said Cruz would say something insightful during class discussions, while Obama would typically just re-state or summarize what other students had said. IOW, Obama was basically just a parrot. Unlike Cruz, Obama didn’t have anything new or different to offer to the discussion; he just repeated what had already been said by others.

    I too don’t believe Obama would ever accept a Supreme Court appointment. It would be too much work for someone as lazy as Barry. (And yes, I know the clerks do most of the real work, but the justices still have to show up and read the final product). More importantly, sitting on the court would expose Obama for the intellectual fraud he has always been — and his ego would never let him risk that (for the same reasons he refused to go on the tenure track at Chicago).

Hey, LBJ put Abe Fortas on the SCOTUS. Now we have pornography legal and we’re paying attorneys to represent criminals.

Putting al-Chicagi on SCOTUS would lead to Sharia becoming the law of the land.

Besides, al-Chicagi is in full Useless Nabobs General Secretary (I use the Socialist term on purpose) campaign mode.

This was another planted question to pander to the LIV and Democrat Plantation.

I’d rather see Bill Clinton on the Court. At least he respects the law enough to try to justify his actions when he breaks it. Obama simply ignores law.

My theory is that this is being floated out there to give Obama and his people and incentive to not indict her, should the FBI, as we are increasingly expecting, recommends that she be prosecuted for her email practices, as well, maybe, for public corruption, in regards to her selling American foreign policy for money for both her husband and the family foundation that now bears her name, as well as his, and that of their daughter. After all, a Republican Administration is more likely to indict Obama, than to put him on the Supreme Court, and spending the summer getting ready for trial is not a good way for her to win the general election.

One has to wonder what Obama would wear under his robe? A Dr. Frank-N-Furter outfit or Emperor Nothing?

Obama feeds off of media slop. He’d rather be UN President of the World where he could pontificate zero values as one world values.


Pander to the Progressives and Black vote!

Obama on the Supreme Court? OMG!

Another reason why this lady should never, ever, ever, be President.

Almost 8 years of tyranny and violations of the constitution have proven Tyrant Obama the Liar unfit to be in any position in government let alone interpreting the constitution. No one who can read the constitution would have made 4 recess appointments while the Senate, according to the constitution, wasn’t in recess. Obama showed his contempt for our constitution.

This is the biggest suck up in this year’s primary by any candidate! Everyone knows obama hasn’t the intelligence or the skills to be a SCOTUS justice. He doesn’t know the Constitution and when he finally reads it he disagrees with most of it. The man should be on a TV talk show for the simple minded.

Hillary: ““Wow, what a great idea. No one has ever suggested that to me.”

It’s a minor point really, but (National Report, 10 months ago):

Hillary Would Consider Naming Obama To Supreme Court After 2016 Win

In response to an email from a supporter in Iowa, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she would consider naming current President Barack Obama to the US Supreme Court if she won the 2016 presidential race, provided she decides to run, while hinting that he might be given a cabinet position if “the legality checks out.”
Molly Warren of Mason City, Iowa emailed Clinton two weeks ago, saying that she was going into law school after being inspired by Clinton’s story. After vowing to vote for Clinton in 2016, which will be the first presidential election she’ll have been eligible to vote in, Warren asked if Clinton would consider placing President Obama on the Supreme Court, noting his legal education and background.

“As for President Obama, I would imagine he’s looking forward to retiring from public life and taking a rest,” Clinton said in part of her response. “I know my husband wanted a short break after his eight years in the White House, before starting the Clinton Global Initiative. As for Barack, though, I would of course consider him for the Supreme Court. I believe he would make a great justice, and he’s certainly qualified for the role. No US President has ever gone to the Supreme Court, nor has any individual ever served in all three branches of our government, so it would be unprecedented. But I agree; he’d definitely make for a great Supreme Court Justice, at a time when we need those seats filled with strong independent minds.”


Just noticed the article says vaguely it was posted 10 months ago, but looking at the comments, the article was posted in April 2015.

Hillary is transparently trying to buy Obama’s support. She is rarely so transparent in spite of assurances otherwise. Is Obama’s ego large enough to encourage him to bite? Don’t think so, but I could be wrong. Also, Supreme Court justices actually have to work.

Obama’s next position? Moving from Federally funded housing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to Federally funded housing at Fort Leavenworth seems like the right choice to me.

Having the most lawbreaking president in history as a SC Justice is akin to Iran and Mozambique in the UN Human Rights Council. A sad joke.

This is an absurd waste of time to contemplate.

Obama has not even ever written a single legal article.

    Paul in reply to janitor. | January 27, 2016 at 3:51 pm

    The Dims don’t give a flying fark about little things like qualifications, or the law for that matter. It’s all about pushing their ideology.

Whiskey Bravo | January 27, 2016 at 1:48 pm

I just threw up a little in my mouth.

Pure fantasmagorical bullshit. Obama is about to bury the Clintons for good and forever. Obama holds Hillary’s very existence in his hands and she has absolutely nothing of substance to offer in exchange. Zero. Nobody knows better than Obama that Hillary’s greatest value going forward is as the historical dumpster for his foreign policy failures. She can’t be trusted in any other capacity.

Unless they’ve kissed and made up I’m pretty sure they still hate each other.
I really think obama wants to take over at the U.N.
He can screw up the entire world heading up the U.N. and still get in lots of golf.
However I’d vote for him as emperor for life obama dada of Kenya.

. “No one has ever suggested that to me, I love that, wow,”

Why would anybody respond that way? Makes no sense.

Translation: Thanks for the planned set up. This will go a long way towards getting Obama to keep the leash on the FBI’s investigation of me.

Henry Hawkins | January 27, 2016 at 7:51 pm

No way Obama accepts a SC seat. Too stultifying for his ego. No speechifying, no rallies, no agitating. Just work. No way.