In an interesting turn of events, talk radio show host Rush Limbaugh mulled Senator Marco Rubio’s role in the anti-establishment camp Wednesday.

The Washington Examiner’s T. Becket Adams reported:

Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh lumped Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., with members of the so-called anti-GOP “establishment” Wednesday, marking a possible victory for the GOP 2016 presidential candidate as he seeks to prove his conservative bone fides.

“The question is: What’s wrong with the ruling class establishment?” Limbaugh asked Wednesday. “They are the ones implementing policies that are causing this country to be at greater risk, less safe, our economy to crumble.”

The Washington, D.C., GOP “establishment,” which is supposedly made up of entrenched special interest groups unconcerned with the worries of its conservative base, is complicit in “dragging down this country,” he explained further. The question should not be why anti-establishment types like businessman Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, are doing well in the GOP presidential primary, he continued.

Limbaugh addressed the “establishment” issue after first giving his take on Tuesday’s GOP presidential primary debate, and fielding questions about especially noteworthy performances delivered by Rubio, Cruz and Trump.

“The question is what’s wrong with [the establishment], not what’s wrong with Trump or Rubio or Cruz or any of these other candidates,” Limbaugh said. “Why doesn’t the establishment see what the rest of us see?”

Despite the fact that Rubio was elected as an outsider who fought the Florida political establishment across the board, he’s been branded with the scarlet “E” this election cycle.

Adams explains:

Together, Rubio’s critics have worked to characterize him as an ally of the ruling class “establishment.” They have also accused the senator of being a “pro-amnesty” flunky for special interest groups, citing often the senator’s past support for the infamous Gang of Eight immigration bill.

Given the enormity of Limbaugh’s influence, could this be a game changer?

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