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Obamacare Forcing People Into Part-Time Work Says… Hillary

Obamacare Forcing People Into Part-Time Work Says… Hillary

“There is a disincentive in our system that we need to deal with.”

At a recent town hall event in Iowa City, Hillary Clinton was asked a question about how the Affordable Care Act is affecting jobs. Her response was somewhat shocking.

Alyssa Canobbio of the Washington Free Beacon:

Hillary Clinton: Obamacare is Forcing Americans Into Part-Time Work

At a town hall meeting in Iowa City, Iowa Hillary Clinton was asked by a supporter about companies moving to a mostly part-time workforce and the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Clinton said that companies are going to a mostly part-time workforce because of restrictions in Obamacare.

“Well that’s why they’re going to part-time. That and the Affordable Care Act. You know, we’ve got to change that because we have built in some unfortunate incentives that discourage full-time employment,” Clinton said…

“There is a disincentive in our system that we need to deal with, and I really worry about it because there is a trend to try and move more and more people into part-time work,” Clinton said. “And sometimes you want to work part-time, it fits into your family, it fits into your life obligations, but sometimes you want to work full-time but you can’t get a full-time job. So I want to look at all the employment rules.”

Here’s the video:

If only someone had warned us that this would happen.

Here’s more news on Obamacare and jobs from FOX News:

ObamaCare to reduce workforce by 2 million jobs’ worth of hours, CBO says

ObamaCare will reduce work hours equivalent to 2 million jobs in the next decade amid a host of incentives not to work or to work less, a new Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report says — the latest blow to President Obama’s signature health insurance plan.

The report estimates the Affordable Care Act, or ACA, will make the labor supply shrink by 0.86 percent in 2025. This amounts to a shrinkage equivalent to approximately 2 million full-time workers.

The nonpartisan CBO estimates that the decline will come primarily due to workers responding to changes made by the law to federal programs and tax policy. The agency points to the introduction of health care subsidies tied to income as a key factor — which in turn raises effective tax rates as someone’s earnings rise, therefore reducing the amount of work Americans choose to do.

“Subsidies decline as income increases, reducing the return on earning additional income,” the report says. “That decline is effectively an increase in recipients’ effective marginal tax rate, so it generally reduces their work incentives through the substitution effect.”

Will this come up in the Democratic Party debate tonight?

Probably not.

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No kidding, Hillary. Did ya forget that you wanted Hillarycare? Did you forget that it was what your party has wanted all along? Did you forget that it isn’t just the ACA costing jobs, but ALL the policies that the dems have put in place? We have too many coming across the border, too many illegals already here, middle eastern refugees coming in droves soon and an increase in foreign low wage worker visas.

“So I want to look at all the employment rules.”

Yeah, Hillary – create more rules. That’ll solve it 😛


I remember SOMEONE saying that ObamaCare was a JOB KILLING MACHINE.

So… Heh.

Glad to see Hillary agreeing with Republicans for once.
Not that, in a million years, I would vote for her.

Insert Ted Cruz and two of the cutest lil girls you’ll ever see in a happy Christmas story 🙂

Cruz Christmas Classics

…end insert… thanks!

No, Twanger, she’s not agreeing with Republicans, she’s the exact opposite, with the current state of affairs in the middle. Republicans see this requirement as a job killer that has to be repealed. She sees is as a problem that requires more regulation. One solution she’d be happy with is repealing the exemption for part time employees. Like magic the disincentive to full time employment goes away!

But it’s racist when a Republican says it.

Two things, everyone knew this, even Nancy Pelosi said this would allow people to have fuller lives with more spare time, remember? Secondly, people are being forced to get 2nd jobs to cover their premiums!

Hillary: “A lot of employers believe if you don’t work 40 hours a week you don’t get benefits.”

And I always thought that the ACA caused that to happen. Nope, it’s those pesky employers. No matter, Hillary has a plan to fix that.

I can see another wave of outsourcing about to occur, that is, if she ever gets into office. Or Bernie for that matter. But that could also mean it’s a good time to invest in robotics. I hope Siri can flip burgers.

2 million job hours seems awfully low. Is that per day? Furthermore, it doesn’t include all the people who lose their jobs or can’t find jobs because of the insane costs of ObamaCare.