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Legal Insurrection Semi-Annual Fundraiser

Legal Insurrection Semi-Annual Fundraiser

Thanks for joining us on this long, strange trip.

(This post will be “sticky” for a while.)

It’s that time of year when we ask readers to help keep us doing what we do.

You can donate using the Donate buttons below, or in the sidebar. Monthly subscriptions are particularly helpful. Donations are NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

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Alternatively, you can mail a check payable to WAJ Media LLC, 757 Warren Road, Unit 4762, Ithaca, NY 14852.

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Our 7th Anniversary post has a pretty good history of how Legal Insurrection, the struggle, and my research focus have evolved. Thanks to so many readers who have been on this long, strange trip with me.

Asking for money is something I hate. It’s contrary to my nature to seek anyone’s help on anything. Unfortunately, ad revenue doesn’t cover our costs. So here I am again, naturally.


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You might try Patreon as well. Their platform makes it easier to communicate funding levels as relates to how the site functions. i.e. Rewards level where if there are enough subscriptions to fund specific regular content or even to where the adds disappear.

I was going to ask, what happened to letting me pay for an ad free membership?

Love your blog! My HS Senior son is now an avid reader too! THANK YOU!!

If you are going to push the PayPal button, hit the one for a monthly donation. You won’t miss the money – it will fold right in to your monthly bills – and having a reliable monthly cash flow will make life much easier for the Professor and his minions.

The trip is strange, the times are stranger, but thank goodness you’re on patrol.