In late August we wrote about a word association survey conducted by Quinnipiac which showed the three most common words used to describe Hillary Clinton were “Liar,” “dishonest,” and “untrustworthy.” Also making high appearances were “criminal,” and “crook.”

Here is that late August word cloud:

Poll Word Cloud Association Hillary Quinnipiac 8-27-2015

The question at the time was whether Hillary could turn things around.

Based on this study commissioned by The Washington Post, the answer appears to be not yet, and the culprit is social media, Hillary Clinton is getting crushed on social media, captured in one word cloud:

[Below] is a word cloud of all mentions related to Hillary Clinton during the month of November, through midnight Eastern time.

The graphic, via our analytics partners at Zignal Labs, does not exactly highlight the kinds of words you want to see if you work at Clinton headquarters in Brooklyn.

It’s driven by the intense dislike for Clinton by activists on the left and the right, but mainly the right. Their constant drumbeat of criticism overwhelms any positive buzz that the Democratic frontrunner gets from her fans.

Here’s that word social media word cloud:

Hillary Word Cloud Social Media WaPo Dec 1 2015

WaPo concludes that maybe there is a vast right wing conspiracy:

One negative post on a critical, obscure web site, for instance, got mentioned more than 45,000 times on Twitter. Many of the other Clinton items mentioned most frequently link back to staunchly conservative sites.

Now will you people finally open Twitter and Facebook accounts?