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“Hamas lawyer” Stanley Cohen out of prison

“Hamas lawyer” Stanley Cohen out of prison

Undaunted, but will he ever be able to practice law again? - video

You may remember our coverage of the federal prosecution of Stanley Cohen on a charge of failing to file federal income tax returns for several years.

Cohen pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 18 months in prison, starting January 2015. It appears Cohen was just released, though it’s unclear if it is to a halfway house or some other arrangement.

Cohen was a particularly flamboyant character. Cohen was termed “Hamas lawyer” because of his love for and allegiance to Hamas:

[Sheik Ahmed Yassin and Ismail Abu Shanab]

[Sheik Ahmed Yassin and Ismail Abu Shanab]

Cohen re-pledged his allegiance to Hamas even as he was pleading guilty in court:

Stanley Cohen Twitter Support Hamas October 20 2014

Despite his supporters’ claims that it was a political prosecution, the proof offered by the prosecution, which Cohen admitted could be proven, demonstrated a prolonged and multi-layered scheme to conceal cash income as part of his law practice. Part of the scheme was laid out in the plea transcript:

18 Next the government would have called a witness who
19 would have testified that the witness would be contacted by
20 the defendant periodically. He would tell the witness that
21 someone would be bringing cash on behalf of his law business,
22 and instruct the witness to go to the Speedway Convenience
23 Plaza located near the Akwesasne Indian Reservation in
24 Northern New York. Once there the witness was directed to
25 cause a wire transfer of cash to be made from a MoneyGram

1 terminal at that location in the defendant’s name and
2 transferring cash to the defendant’s credit card account. On
3 occasion the defendant would direct this witness to wire
4 transfer only a portion of the cash and to take the other
5 portion to locations where individuals on or near the
6 Akwesasne Reservation to hold for the defendant until he
7 could come and pick it up in person.
8 Virtually all of the MoneyGram wire transfers were
9 in amounts less than $10,000. They also were in amounts of
10 thousands of dollars, many of them between 7,000 and $9,700.
11 Those wire transfers took place from October of 2004 through
12 December of 2008 and totaled $643,693.09. And the government
13 would have produced testimony and official records of
14 MoneyGram to establish that fact.

Before heading off to prison, Cohen said he would rather spend 18 months in prison than dine with a Zionist.

Twitter - @StanleyCohenLaw - Rather serve 18 mos than dine with Zionist

While in prison, Cohen blogged at Caged But Undaunted.

Based on his Twitter stream, which was silent while he was in prison, Cohen not only is out of prison, he has not lost any of his flair for the English language:

He was quick to tweet an image of him with Hamas co-founder Sheik Ahmed Yassin:

As well as an image of Israel soldier Gilad Shalit in the custody of Hamas just before his release from captivity in exchange for over 1000 Palestinian prisoners, including some of the worst mass murderers.

Let me guess, Cohen thinks of himself as a prisoner of war? Self-aggrandizement much?

One open issue is what will happen to his law license now that he is a convicted felon. Currently, he is suspended from practice pursuant to court order:

Stanley Cohen NY Law License Suspended NY Appellate Division

I guess that will be the next part of the story.


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Where’s that falling grand piano when you need it…???

What state? California allows illegal aliens to practice law. Illegal entry into this country is a misdemeanor (fine, six months in jail, or less), so it seems clear that another state may allow felons to practice, as well.

Why hasn’t some reporter read some of the choice bits of the Hamas Covenant to this character, and asked him if he supports the founding document of this murderous organization?

Don’t think any Zionist would want to dine with this hateful human being.

He’s as much a terrorist as any member of Hamas.

“Cohen pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 18 months in prison, starting January 2015. It appears Cohen was just released, though it’s unclear if it is to a halfway house or some other arrangement.”

It’s rare for a defendant to be released directly to home confinement, so my best guess is a halfway house. The prisoner would have earned 54 days of good conduct time 366 days after his surrender to the correction facility. The Bureau of Prisons regs allow “up to” six months “halfway house.” He also earned some good conduct time for the last four months of his incarceration. (It’s complicated)

It’s anybody’s guess how the math is actually done. Once he reports to the CCC, “halfway house”, he can work toward “home confinement”, first on weekend furlough, then on release with electronic monitoring.

Well, at least now he is out in the open. You can bet Mossad is watching and waiting for the right time.

Why not simply exile him to Gaza

In a good world he would be one of the ones to get his head sawed off by ISIS