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Trump’s SNL Gig Brings Out The Left’s Famous Sense of Humor

Trump’s SNL Gig Brings Out The Left’s Famous Sense of Humor

It’s not funny when they get mocked.

I watched Saturday Night Live last night for the first time in years and so did a lot of other people. Entertainment Weekly reports that it was a ratings bonanza:

Donald Trump gives SNL its biggest ratings in years

Trump is still bringing the bump.

With Donald Trump hosting, Saturday Night Live jumped to its biggest overnight rating since 2012.

According to NBC, SNL had a whopping 6.6 household rating on Saturday night, easily beating the season’s previous high: the 41st season premiere last month, hosted by Miley Cyrus and with a guest appearance by none other than … Hillary Clinton. In fact, Trump’s overnight rating was 47 percent higher than the Miley/Hillary episode.

The show wasn’t especially funny, but I don’t blame Trump for that because the show hasn’t been especially funny in years. Two moments, however, stood out near the beginning.

One came when the president of Mexico showed up at the White House to give President Trump a check for the border wall. The second was when the show mocked the people who wanted Trump to be heckled by having Larry David call Trump a racist from offstage and then claim he only did it because he heard he’d get $5,000 for doing so.

David was there to reprise his role as Bernie Sanders in the opening.

You can see that segment below:

Anti-Trumpers on the left didn’t like being mocked in such a way:

There’s also a liberal media narrative taking shape which suggests that the huge ratings don’t matter and that the cast did the show reluctantly.

Hank Stuever of the Washington Post:

Donald Trump’s highly touted and almost certainly inappropriate hosting gig on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” turned out to be an anemic and halfhearted dud. The ratings were high — SNL’s best in years — but they come with a heavy tax on the show’s integrity…

Late-night TV fell hard for Trump and the traffic he brings. For months now, late-night shows have joked about and imitated Trump and, of course, invited him to appear as a guest. No one seems able to deal him the ultimate blow and ignore him.

Yet, curiously, no one involved with Saturday’s SNL episode seemed to have the desire to participate in it or play with him.

Traditionally, “Saturday Night Live” was meant to be a place where people holding or running for office are imitated, mocked and even skewered by the show’s actors and writers.

Right. Because we all know how hard SNL has been on Obama for the last seven years, don’t we?

Will Leitch of Bloomberg Business takes the same route as the Post:

Kind of Dead As Trump Hosts Saturday Night Live

There’s a certain look a cast member gets that longtime viewers of “Saturday Night Live” can instantly recognize. In many ways, it’s this look, and the performer’s mastery of it, that separates the truly great “SNL” performers from your run-of-the-mill hacks. You know this look: It’s the “this is bombing, isn’t it?” look.

Having been unable to keep Trump from hosting the show, the left is doing the next best thing by denigrating the entire episode.

Ironically, it was the cold open (which didn’t involve Trump) which brought the most laughs by mocking Rachel Maddow and Democrats in MSNBC’s Democratic forum Friday night. The left probably didn’t find this funny either:

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The Left is incapable of laughing at themselves.

Eastwood Ravine | November 8, 2015 at 5:21 pm

I think the people at SNL want Trump to win the Republican nomination and the general election. That way Trump will provide at least 4 years of comedy gold for the show.

The biggest “overhype” was the massive media fluffer job on the protesters. Numerous “major Latino groups”, celebrities, and non-stop free media time only pulled about 50 whiners in NYC on a Saturday night.

Talk about losers and paper tigers

Lefties are going to whine about this one for years to come.

Midwest Rhino | November 8, 2015 at 7:03 pm

Oh, and they had the Trump supporter be represented by a drunk and stupid Uncle. But Beck and half of FOX also have been trashing any that support Trump.

I supported Walker, but for the same reason Walker dropped out, I have doubts that Cruz can go the distance. We are up against an enemy that has taken over media and half the Republican party. So Trump indeed does say many of the right things, and may be the only one that can take on the leftist cabal.

For the same reason Trump can bring ratings to debates and SNL, he may be able to win and take on the status quo leviathan. I want to see more detail, but I’m tired of idiots mocking the Trump support as idiocy. Personal attacks are the last resort for those losing the conversation. And many even here depend on such ridicule, above all else.

Can Cruz defeat the Clinton machine? I hope so, but I have doubts he would get even RINO support, so it is not idiocy to consider our options, in a world where lying Obama gets two terms, and Queen Hillary is already crowned by media and Hollywood.

    Radegunda in reply to Midwest Rhino. | November 8, 2015 at 10:31 pm

    I’m tired of the abuse hurled at anyone who raises doubts about Trump’s ideological consistency, his temperament, etc. That’s what Trump fans often do when they can’t offer a fact-based refutation.

    As soon as Trump said he’ll deport all the illegals and build a wall, he got a large following of fans who insist that he’s the only one who can and will fix whatever problems they’re concerned about.

    When someone points out what Trump may actually have said about that problem (e.g. the problem of Islamic censorship), Trump fans react in angry and irrational ways, particularly by shouting “RINO!” and saying that any Trump-critic is obviously a shill for Jeb.

    They often confuse bombast with honesty, and great wealth with integrity (“He can’t be bought!”).

    Or they say things like: “Politicians all lie, so we’ve got nothing to lose by electing Trump.” Actually, we would lose the chance to elect someone who has a record of acting on conservative principle in office, instead of someone who was a Democrat until very recently and who has warmly praised Hillary Clinton.

      “Actually, we would lose the chance to elect someone who has a record of acting on conservative principle in office,”

      And whom is your someone?

      lol, you think that’s bad, every time I say I’m in favor of Cruz some little pipsqueak has a meltdown and claims I’m a paid Trump supporter.

      Those defending Trump from attacks from the GOPe have profanity and falsehoods flung at them on a regular basis here.

      No problem. That’s free speech and uh, “brisk” political dialogue.

      But please don’t pretend this is all a one way street on dialogue. I defend Trump not because I am under the illusion that he is perfect but because most of the rest of the field is out and out pro-Amnesty for illegals. Other than Cruz, Carson, and Jindl there are no other candidates with real anti-illegal immigration stands at all. Fiorina backed the Gang of Eight Amnesty Bill and backs the Dream Act. Rubio was the lead salesman. Bush is the Act of Love cheerleader.

      And even Trump falls short. He talks of a door in the wall. But at least he makes a point that there will be a wall. Deport the illegals, then we have to fight like hell to keep them out. Maybe even against Trump, just like we had to fight against Amnesty under Bush. But at least Trump moves the ball down the field. It will be a lot easier blocking readmission through a controlled door than through open fields with crippled enforcement and broken promises like we got repeatedly from the GOPe.

      Those of us fighting Amnesty and Open Borders since the days of IRCA have already been called every name in the book and have learned to shrug it off and get back in the fight. The complaints coming from the Obama-Boehner-Rubio-Schumer Open Borders Cartel about tone simply means we are winning on substance.

    Yeah, you’re on to something. Not sure what kind of president Trump would make but if a Republican, any Republican, heads for the White House after November 2016 it will be in no small part because Trump is out there brawling today. He may embarrass the Republican establishment and they may not like him, but we might all be better off if their aloofness continues and the primary campaign process runs its course. He’s carrying their water, doing the things they claim they wouldn’t do (beneath them) when actually they’re things that need doing and they simply couldn’t handle it. He’s mixing it up with the snarky, smug media crowd, who consider themselves hip and sharp, not just the slick Sunday morning news-groupie bunch. The establishment suits would be eaten alive where Trump goes and they know it. They’d be wise and we’ll all be better off if they stay in their Beltway studios holding their noses and quietly send The Donald sincere notes of gratitude if a Republican ends up in the White House a year form January. If a Republican doesn’t, it may be more their fault than his. Just sayin’.

The biggest mystery to me was: what the hell was that Yoko Marceau stuff?

    DaMav in reply to DaveInMA. | November 9, 2015 at 12:14 am

    I thought the sheepdog wearing the In Solidarity with the Mop People wig while someone squirmed around having a Grand Mal on the floor was unintentionally hilarious. So were the real time comments on a couple Breibart threads while this was going on. Most ommenters agreed this was a victory for Trump, but nothing could save SNL

theduchessofkitty | November 9, 2015 at 8:13 am

“The devil … that proud spirit … cannot endure to be mocked.” St. Thomas More

We recorded it and watched the first half Sunday morning. The only thing I found funny was the opening skit, which did a fair job of skewering the Dem nutjobs and their loco debate. It’s been a very long time since I watched SNL. Most of the cast is terrible! They’re not fit to polish the shoes of the cast in the 70s, much less fill them.

I find this all very entertaining.

If Trump wins November 2, 2016 he will become President Triumph.