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The Bern: Hillary’s Republican Lite

The Bern: Hillary’s Republican Lite

Because when you’re that far left…

The Bernie Sanders campaign has launched a pointless attack on Hillary Clinton by calling her tax plans Republican Lite. This brings two thoughts to mind.

First, the Sanders camp should have thought of this before he surrendered the nomination to Hillary by saying no one cares about her damn emails. Second, if you’re so far left that Bernie Sanders seems reasonable, everyone is going to look like a Republican to you.

John Wagner reported at the Washington Post:

Sanders camp calls Clinton tax proposals ‘Republican lite’

SAVANNAH, Ga. — A senior aide to Sen. Bernie Sanders on Sunday characterized Hillary Clinton’s latest tax plans as “tentative half-steps that sound Republican-lite,” escalating the sparring between the Democratic presidential campaigns over their respective commitments to helping the middle class.

“Given the disappearing middle class and massive income wealth inequality in America today, we clearly have to go a lot further than what Secretary Clinton proposes,” Sanders’s communications director, Michael Briggs, said in a statement issued Sunday night as Sanders campaigned here…

Her campaign, in turn, has recently attacked Sanders for his support of measures that would raise taxes on the middle class. Until recently, both camps had attempted to make a virtue of not talking about the other.

Sanders is advocating for a single-payer “Medicare for all” health-care system. Under legislation he previously introduced, his campaign acknowledges that taxes would increase on the middle class, but his aides argue that the overall cost of health care to would be lower because people would no longer pay premiums or deductibles.

Jazz Shaw of Hot Air sees the problem this way:

The proposals put forth by Clinton clearly won’t pass muster with the socialist… they don’t spend nearly enough money. Hillary is, in the view of the far left of her base, just nibbling around the edges of the real problem. She’s talking about a tax credit to cover some out-of-pocket expenses for workers who are caring for a senior citizen parent and adjusting their retirement payments if they take time off to provide such care. That’s simply not socialist enough!

Of course, the idea of calling Hillary Clinton a Republican isn’t new. Right after the last Democratic Party debate, The Huffington Post published this:

Bernie Sanders Won the Debate. Hillary Clinton Evoked 9/11 and Sounded Like A Republican

While one poll had Hillary Clinton the winner of the debate, a closer look shows that this survey was “conducted for the pro-Clinton super-PAC Correct The Record.” In reality, Bernie Sanders won the second Democratic debate because he focused solely on veterans’ issues, Wall Street corruption and climate change. Most importantly, an online poll by DeRay McKesson of 42,575 votes showed 83 percent of respondents believed Bernie Sanders won the debate.

In addition, top Ohio Democrat Nina Turner switched from Clinton to Bernie Sanders just before the debate, signifying a major shift in an important swing state. Black Women 4 Bernie Tweeted a video of Ms. Turner explaining why she’s endorsing Bernie Sanders for president. While Clinton’s endorsements have little to do with her trustworthiness or leadership skills, and everything to do with political power within the Democratic Party, Ms. Turner explains in the video exactly why Bernie’s message resonates with her and millions of other Americans. “He should be the president of the United States of America,” says Ms. Turner, and I agree completely in this video.

In contrast, Bernie’s challenger sounded like a Republican.

Progressives began this leftward drift in the 2008 campaign but have showed no signs of slowing down.

If these folks think Hillary Clinton sounds like a Republican, it explains why they become insane whenever a conservative starts talking.


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35+ Political Parties in 1920’s and early 30’s Germany and the NAZI’s were the furthest LEFT save one – the Communists. Stalin decided to attack them from the Left by branding them “Right-Wing”.

Bernie, as a life-long Communist (he’s basically an American Leon Trotsky), and a HUGE fan of Soviet Russia has taken a page from Stalin’s playbook in this latest attack against Hillary.

Evil. Not Stupid.

Meanwhile, Cruz joins Trump at the head of the pack in new Iowa poll.

The Dynamic Duo

Either wins, it is a win.

So Hillary wants to tax us down to our shorts.

Bernie wants the shorts too.

Makes sense. For them.