Tone deaf? How does it work?

This. This is how it works.

Monday, the RNC sent a round of fundraising emails addressed from failed Presidential Candidate, Senator McCain.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 1.50.04 PM

If you want to watch the video, you have to click a link which takes you to an RNC fundraising page. Smooshed over in the corner is the video and a note from Senator McCain.

The video is actually pretty good. Good message, well produced, etc.:

And so is the note from Senator McCain:

A Note from Senator John McCain:

When I ran for president, I depended on the RNC every step of the way.

I can assure you that our future nominee for president will not win without their help.

The RNC is uniting every Republican across the country behind our shared goal of electing a principled conservative leader to the White House.

I want to win. The RNC wants to win. I trust you do too.

But we won’t unless the RNC has the resources to take on Hillary.

That part is up to you.

Please contribute to the Official Committee in Charge of Taking Back the White House.

But the messenger? REALLY?

I get it, the RNC has to fundraise to pay for all the important things they do like hosting debates with hostile media. I also understand the party must appeal to the entire spectrum of supporters, not just the far right. And yes, I know McCain himself didn’t sit down to pen the above pasted note. But that’s not the point.

Using someone like McCain who not only failed to make it across the White House finish line, but has vocally insulted Republican factions that represent large swaths of the grassroots is about as tone deaf a move as I can imagine. And bonus, it only furthers the notion that the Republican Party “doesn’t listen.”

Thanks to the Opportunist Class, there exist few well-known Republicans who aren’t unnecessarily polarizing to someone. But there are plenty of other somewhat-liked Republicans that could’ve made the same point.

Hopefully, next time the RNC will solicit their help and maybe avoid the dude who called Obamacare opposition “wacko birds“* then suggested the Republican Party ought to literally, go the way of the do-do.

It’s inordinately difficult to sell Party Unity™ when your salesman doesn’t buy his own pitch.

*Still don’t know what a wacko bird is. Still not sure I want to know.

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