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Latest Hillary Email Dump: Great Glasses, Sid Blumenthal, and a Classified Info Kerfuffle

Latest Hillary Email Dump: Great Glasses, Sid Blumenthal, and a Classified Info Kerfuffle


The State Department published another batch of Hillary’s emails Monday as part of their rolling release thanks to a court order.

The emails are a portion of the chunk Hillary turned over to the State Department from her personal server. She or her legal counsel (Clinton has been opaque here) determined what emails were worthy of State Department record.

Pilfering through the emails, readers have found all kinds of fun stuff. Evidently, everyone loved Hillary’s glasses.

And Blumenthal thought he had a huge scoop:

There was also Clinton’s inability to use the common expression, “ROFL.”

Cuteness aside, Hillary’s emails contradict several of her public claims.

Fox New’s White House Correspondent, Ed Henry, suggests that once again, Clinton’s claims that no classified information ever passed through her home-brewed email server might not be exactly accurate. Four emails flagged for containing classified information would’ve been released in the latest document dump, but of those four, only one was published.

Yet another contradiction lies in Clinton’s correspondence with Sid Blumenthal. Clinton specially stated Blumenthal was not functioning as an advisor buuuuuttt her emails tell another story. Mediaite has that story:

At least two emails released in the latest batch of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton‘s private emails appear to contradict her testimony before the House Benghazi Committee that longtime ally Sidney Blumenthal did not advise her on Libya policy.

“He’s a friend of mine,” Clinton said during the eleven-hour testimony. “He sent me information he thought might be of interest. Some of it was, some of it wasn’t, some of it I forwarded to be followed up on. He had no official position in the government. And he was not at all my adviser on Libya.”

But on least two instances in the newest batch of emails, Blumenthal appears to advise Clinton on Libyan policy, and Clinton appears to take proactive steps to follow up on his advice.

In the first email, sent on February 21, 2011, Blumenthal advocates for a Libyan no-fly-zone. “UK former Foreign Secretary David Owen has called for a no-fly zone over Libya, imposed by the United Nations and/or Nato, like the no-fly zone imposed on Saddam’ s Iraq. US might consider advancing tomorrow.”

Clinton forwarded that email to Deputy Chief of Staff Jake Sullivan. “What do you think of this idea?” she asked.

The next day, Clinton responded to Blumenthal saying they would seek the no-fly zone. “We are looking at that for Security Council, which remains reluctant to “interfere” in the internal affairs of a country. Stay tuned!” she said.

In another 2012 email, flagged by Fox News’ Catherine Herridge, Blumenthal appears to connect Clinton with former British diplomat Jonthan Powell, who was doing work in Libya. “We are trying to replicate what we did in Northern Ireland by setting up secret channels between insurgents and governments and then, where appropriate, developing these into negotiations,” Blumenthal wrote.

More as we find it.

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This isn’t going anywhere. The laws apply only to the “little people”.

If anybody else had done it they’d already be in prison.

Obama’s pet dogs in the Justice Department are never going to indict her, and the Republicans are too spineless to do anything about it.

And Hillary knows it, which is why she’s being so smug about the whole affair.

Serious question: how many e-mails is too many, and how highly sensitive is too high for Dems to criticize her? Seriously.

If she sent 25,000, is that finally too many? If she revealed Obama’s grades, is that too far? If she named CIA operatives in Moscow? What is the threshold? Is there one? Seriously.

    Arminius in reply to windbag. | December 1, 2015 at 7:34 am

    The vast majority of what must now be over a thousand pages of the classified information Hillary Clinton has compromised was Foreign Government Information or FGI. Which is to be expected since that is the majority of the information that State Department deals in. A foreign government shares information with us, whether about their own government or passes along what a third party might have revealed to them. It is always classified at least CONFIDENTIAL. Which despite being the lowest clevel of classified information is still not trivial. Everything that is classified is, in theory at least, classified because its unauthorized release will cause damage to US national security. Then the information is classified according to how much damage it will cause.

    Some say that the US overclassifies information and I won’t get into that discussion. But one thing that is never overclassified is FGI. Countries will simply not share information with us if we can’t be trusted to keep it in confidence. If the USG compromises it that unauthorized release will at least cause damage, hence the CONFIDENTIAL classification. Since very few emails have been deemed SECRET or TS/SCI it’s obvious most have been properly classified at the lowest level. And it’s still serious and still a felony to play fast and loose with it and let it escape into the wild like Hillary Clinton made entirely inevitable with her home brew server.

    But I can’t believe that Hillary Clinton is getting away with her defense that somehow she can’t be held accountable. If the emails weren’t marked then somehow she couldn’t possibly know the email was classified.

    Do you guys realize what she’s saying? She’s saying that she was the first Secretary of State in the entire history of the country who was too stupid to know that FGI is by it’s very nature classified. And, again, the first Secretary of State since the founding who was too stupid to realize that if her correspondence contains information like “Amb. Bobblehead from Paloozastan says that their goals in the upcoming trade negotiations are to achieve X and Y but to avoid Z” it’s automatically FGI.

    In the past you didn’t even need to explain something this basic to people by the time they advanced to the office of Secretary of State. But, no, not Hillary Clinton. She’s so stupid, she tells us in her own defense, that somebody has to put classification markings on that stuff or it will never enter her doddering old head what it is she’s looking at. And that it’s classified.

    And now she wants a promotion and the nuke codes.

    Arminius in reply to windbag. | December 1, 2015 at 7:56 am

    My point was, if I were a GOP member of the House or Senate I’d start harping on the “Hillary is testifying that she’s incredibly stupid” meme. Because clearly there is no amount of classified she could have compromised, no amount of damage she could have inflicted on national security, that would cause the Democrats to uncircle the wagons.

    From Thomas Jefferson through Condoleezza Rice, though, every other Secretary of State knew what FGI was when they saw it. And they knew it was classified.

    So let the Democrats defend Hillary Clinton from the charge that she didn’t violate the Espionage Act knowingly (not that “knowingly” has anything to do with it) all they want. But if they want to go that route that leaves them with only one possible alternative. Hillary Clinton is simply incredibly stupid.

    Let them choke on that.

      clafoutis in reply to Arminius. | December 1, 2015 at 2:39 pm

      Perfect anti-Hillary campaign slogan just begging for bumper stickers and billboards across America: YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID

        She is either incredibly stupid or a congenital liar. But it really doesn’t matter to a sizable chunk of democrat voters who get their paycheck from the federal government – the Dependent Class. Still other Hillary supporters likely believe she is the best hope to lead us to that secular utopia where man can lower the tides and heal the planet. She can be under indictment and will still remain the front runner for her party.

Who knows, maybe Hillary owns a “Laughing Floor” and likes to roll on it?

She’s got a billion in bribes in her slush fund (aka. “foundation”), so I’m sure she could afford to have one. That and a lair inside a volcanic island.

so this is how foreign policy works, send an email with “what do you think of this idea?” !!!! Geez, I thought these people were smarter than the average joe. They are just playing and now have set the world on fire.

What classified info did Sidney Blumenthal receive as a Clinton operative? Such a transmittal of national security info would nail Clinton.

Now, has the FBI confiscated Blumenthal’s computer and phone records to determine this?

Is it possible that Blumenthal was not, in fact, advising her? It stands to reason that perhaps Hilary was stroking his ego by pretending to have him as an advisor, and in return, he was raising a lot of money for her.

Paul In Sweden | December 1, 2015 at 7:20 pm

My memory is faded but it seems to me that Hillary Clinton delayed and obfuscated, dragged feet until the Grand Jury expired when all of a sudden a file or journal magically appeared on a table outside of Hillary’s White house office. Nothing seems to have changed. Hillary must be elected to prevent a special prosecutor. It is my sincere hope the next POTUS will go special prosecutor crazy. I don’t care if you are democrat or republican, if your career is politics you are for you and not for our nation. Washington D.C. should be politician free for 9 months of the year.