This is sad.

First, at the CNBC Debate, Jeb’s perfectly good but badly-timed dig at Marco Rubio about the French 3-day work week completely backfired:

I predicted after that that Jeb Bush campaign turns from tragedy to farce

Now, Jeb has apologized to France:

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush apologized to the people of France on Tuesday for making fun of their work week during last week’s Republican debate.

Speaking to reporters aboard his campaign bus on the first leg of a three-day swing through New Hampshire, Bush once again criticized congressional lawmakers for working a three-day week, saying lawmakers have over-promised and under-delivered to the the American people in successive elections. But the GOP presidential hopeful acknowledged he was wrong to criticize the French when he was trying to highlight rival Marco Rubio’s poor voting record in the Senate.

“I made the mistake of saying that the Congress operates on a French work week,” he deadpanned. “I really did a disservice to the French,” Bush added with a chuckle Tuesday.

Now, in fairness, Jeb was under intense pressure from the French:

“My inbox was full of French journalists,” piped in campaign spokesman Tim Miller.

Jeb’s campaign is saying it all was a joke, not a real apology.

Too late. The Farce is With Him.


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